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Meet ViralBlog : One of the best Viral Blog WordPress Theme to boost your content for maximum visibility. Themecountry provides this blog template with advanced features like social sharing options, unique widgets and custom layouts. Hence, any bloggers can easily create socially optimized blog platform. The light fast loading speed and search engine oriented layout makes it number of WordPress blogging theme for any niche.

ViralBlog Themecountry - Best Viral Blog WordPress Theme

Whether you need a fashion news site, travel blog, lifestyle blog or any website, you can turn your dream into reality with blog template.

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Core Blogging Features : ViralBlog Theme

Frontpage Layout : The reason why this theme is so popular among bloggers is the flexibility. The homepage and every other section comes with a high level of flexibility so that bloggers can turn them into desired style. For now we will be talking about homepage layout which shows different options into settings panel. The main homepage area includes Featured and Recent Posts section.

You can enable home featured block and assign one category to promote a couple of recent posts using grid thumbnail box. Demo shows total 5 posts with one in full height and 4 more using 2 columns. The home content layouts provide grid and list style to display recent blog articles. You can also decide to show excerpt or content (full post) for homepage and archive page.

Frontpage Featured Grid Layout - ViralBlog

The excerpt length can be set as required from options panel so that user can see only that much detail with every post entry. Site owners can select Left or Right sidebar or No sidebar to use the entire space for contents. If you are going to promote widgets then sidebar should be enabled with any alignment.

Pagination : ViralBlog has multiple pagination options so administrators can choose any pagination style. The 4 options includes Default, Numbered, Load more and Auto infinite scroll. The demo shows default pagination that shows buttons to access Older and Newer posts. You also replace it with Infinite scroll auto loading so that user don’t have to click anywhere to load posts. The “Load more” pagination shows a button which shows more posts using Ajax (no page reload).

ThemeCountry Viral Blog Theme : Benefits

Single Post : Authors and content marketers will get lots of benefits from single post options. The main features for single post are Breadcrumb support, Post navigation (show links for the next and previous post), and Related posts. When you want to display extra featured post entries below post contents, then you must enable “Related Posts” feature by selecting taxonomy (tags,categories).

The number of related posts, and post display style (Only title, or thumbnail) are defined from options page. Bloggers can also display Author comments, Author bio, Meta information etc.

Related Posts and Sharing Buttons - ViralBlog Single Post

Ad Management Options : ViralBlog WordPress theme has many ad slots so that bloggers choose best one to display ads. The ad locations includes homepage, single post, archive page and single page. The homepage includes a (728×90) banner ad slot that appears below “Featured Category”. Footer area also get the same size wide banner to promote ads from adsense, or any advertisement programs. Single post ads can be promoted above content, middle and below content. You can select alignment for single post ad slots.

Responsive : Any device you will select will be comfortable for this WordPress blog theme. Whether you have tablet, smart phone, laptop or any device, it just adjust to every screen size. It resize header navigation menus, single post, ad banners, and home grid as per requirement.

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Other Blog Options : ViralBlog Themecountry

Options Panel : Starting a blog or any content posting website needs lots of experience but not while using WordPress with this blog template. You will have access to detailed theme options panel that shows tabs to manage single post, social buttons, footer, sidebar, ad slots etc. You can turn your blog homepage into unique style by selecting list, grid and featured blocks.

The color style, fonts, and other style settings are easily implemented from the same options page. Thanks to programmers for developing user friendly panel which can be controlled by all user types with small or no coding skill.

ThemeCountry Options Panel - ViralBlog

Header : Main header area comes with optional top bar section that includes Top menu and additional space to display social media links. Authors can choose logo along with text tag line, main menu and social media links for selected sites. Once you add links for social profiles then it appears automatically in top bar right side. Search box (next to main menu) is also optional but useful tool to let readers find contents with on-site search system.

Header Navigation Menu - ViralBlog Theme

More Details : If you go back to demo and check bottom corner of the screen (right side) then you will see an arrow button. This is “Back To Top” link that enables user to smoothly scroll back to the top of the page. The sidebar and footer are optional widget areas which can show any widgets selected from widget control section. The demo sidebar shows featured post entries with Recent and Category posts widget.

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