Velocity Page Builder Review : Velocity Plugin

Introducing VelocityPage, A WordPress Plugin which allows you to create custom page layouts with page builder options. As of now, Velocity Page is provided with 4 page templates for directly use so you don’t have to waste time for manual customization. The WordPress templates included in the package are : Paper Plane (Newsletter plugins support), Maven (Product Launch Template), Ronnia (Video Landing Page), Landify (Simple Landing Page). These templates are provided with sample data (images, texts) so that you can easily replace them with original contents and launch your own landing page.

Velocty Page Review - WordPress Page Builder Plugin with frontpage editor

If you are a business owners or affiliate marketer who wants to create landing page type website to promote products or services then you must for for this WordPress page builder theme package.

Why Velocity Page Drag & Drop Page Layouts

We really like VelocityPage for it’s front-end editor so that administrator can change contents directly from front-end. The developers have tried to keep default WordPress page editor aside by providing totally new way to create custom landing page layouts. The purpose for providing ready template is to give you full access to pre-made templates so you can customize contents as required by your business, blog or personal websites need. Most of the novice user enjoy using this WordPress page builder plugin as it requires no coding or any hard work. Just keep adding modules and section with page builder and insert details (text, images, titles and other elements).

VelocityPage Templates - Paper Plane - Maven - Ronnia - Landify

VelocityPage : Setup

Once you finish setting up Velocity Page plugin then you can start using homepage builder tool to create custom homepage/landing page. The premium page builder plugin only supports “WordPress Pages” and not “Posts”, so you will have to crate new page or select current page for editing task by enabling plugin from options panel.

Velocity Page Builder Plugin - Enable Options

The plugin will automatically ignore or hide existing contents available on the page. It allows you to continue with current theme (already available on website) or you can select any template provided with this WP builder plugin.

Velocity Page Editor

Please note, If you choose to select current theme then it will show you styling and layout options provided with current template. And if you select Velocity Page template then you can get access to full width layout as well as styling/formatting options offered with this builder package.

Page Editing Process :

Once Velocity Page is enabled, then you can edit page contents only from front-end area. To start page editing work you need to log into your account, and you will see “EDIT” button on the top right corner of the page. Clicking this button will take you into editing mode and show you all options available for editing process.

Add Rpw Column - VelocityPage WordPress Plugin

This page builder plugin is made from same concept like other WordPress page builder templates. Here you can establish custom pages by selecting custom rows and columns structure. That means you can add rows and select total columns to add lots of contents. Everything is very simple so i won’t go much deeper in editing process as you can learn it from documentation guides provided with this page builder plugin.

Page Builder Items for Velocity

Conclusion :

The Velocity Page is one of the most advanced page builder plugin that brings all type of page editing tools, styling and formatting options. This way, marketing people and other business professionals could start their own website without writing any HTML or CSS code. The ready tools will allow you to insert videos, texts, buttons, title, images and all other information you require.

If you are doing affiliate marketing or a developer who often need to launch products then you should go for this WordPress builder tool. It will give you ready templates and option to create your own pages.

Benefits Of Ready Templates :

  • Supports Aweber, MailChimp and all other email newsletter service providers
  • Pre-written copy : Get high conversation rate
  • Mobile friendly pages : Supports iPhones, iPads and all internet devices
  • Customize any part with 1 click (button)
  • Advanced Design and Layouts : Powered by best WordPress designers
  • Free access for VelocityPage members
  • All 4 ready templates designed by Adam Pickering

Velocity Page Builder Plugin : Demo & Price

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