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BranfordMagazine is a simple yet content optimized magazine style WordPress theme by ThemeShift. This theme could be perfect for any one wanting to create online content journal. If we talk about usability then it is suggestible to create online news, magazine and blog portal. If you are planning to start content oriented WordPress website then here is best solution. The theme uses support for multiple menus, custom featured images, widgets and other options.

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It has no extra images on background area so it won’t affect your page loading speed. We all know that a website should load faster and provide responsive layout for SEO ranking. And this is what you are going to get by this magazine template.


BranfordMagazine WordPress Theme : Features Review

Responsive Design : The theme gives you responsive design so you can be very sure to make it work anywhere. Whether it is small mobile screens, laptop or tablet, it works anywhere. If you want to take responsive test then just try resizing demo preview in your browser.

See how everything adapt to any screen size. The font, images, menu and everything fits to specified screen resolution. This is what makes this theme an all rounder for any type of devices or screen types.

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Various Colors : The premium WordPress theme offers 6 best color skins. So it should work with most of the news or magazine websites need. Administrator can pick any best color skin for website and see how it looks. Though you can add more colors if you don’t like default or ready color skins. You can select and add color skins from ThemeShift BranfordMagazine options page.


Apart from that, you can access many other ready options which helps you to create unique website without coding. Just pick best layout, typography, background and that’s it. The options panel is big enough and contains settings for every thing. So there is no need to install extra plugins to for advanced customization.

Branford Magazine ThemeShift : Additional Features

Homepage Options : This theme has advanced front page layout which offers you many ways to display featured posts. If you look at the top of homepage then it shows a “Tabbed Section”. There are 3 tab blocks available to display Lead article, Recent posts and other elements. Though you can add tab elements from options page so there is no specific rules for that.


The first tab is “Leadarticle” which shows most recent news post from selected category. The options page let’s you pick any category and off-set for this tab block. The home bottom featured section is also controlled from options page. This section offers multiple columns and you can select categories for them. So visitors can see featured post entries from best category area.

Header Options : BranfordMagazine header could be best place to display a brand logo or title of your website. You can add logo and tag-line to make your site look more appealing. The header has widget space so you can display social links and search box on the right of logo.

There are 2 navigation menus available for better browsing experience. So administrator can setup primary and secondary menus with custom page or category links. Hence, visitors can always reach main categories and page sections easily. The menu customizer offers drag and drop support to assign links for header navigation area.


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Widget Areas : The sidebar and footer area main widget areas which provides fully support for widgets only. Though header also has widget space but it has limited space as you have to display logo, menu and other stuff. The sidebar is ideal to display custom menus, latest news or article links, or ad banners. The footer also has 4 blocks and you could use them all to highlight any details.

Footer could be best place to add custom links, contacts and author details. Thanks to ThemeShift BranfordMagazine for offering useful widgets, page templates and customization options in one package.


The theme definitely looks quite simple but it would worth trying it as it delivers advanced features and best performance.

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