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TechQPro is a most popular WordPress journal theme for tech bloggers. It is best blogging theme from ThemeCountry which can turn into news or blog marketing portal with no extra coding skill. Once you decide to create a technology or any other niche blog then you must look at the demo for this theme.

TechQPro - Best WordPress Theme Blog Theme

The elegant design and bold content presentation style will surely convince you to try it as a primary WordPress theme for your next big tech news sharing platform. The WordPress customizer is integrated with custom options, so you can easily setup header, homepage, colors, fonts and all elements. Novice people can also start website by just following documentation and demo sample files.

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Why TechQPro WordPress Theme ?

We always see many blog template suggestion for new websites but this one is unique within itself. The theme gives you a nice content focused homepage and many other widget areas. You are getting homepage with slider and content section to display latest posts. The slider provides controls to easily manage slideshow style and content listing work. You can promote each popular post or news item in slider that needs to be seen by every home user.

Slider : TechQPro Slider is dynamic in nature so you can replace slider items any time just with few clicks. The slides will show wide featured images and post title in clean style. So visitors will easily notice top slider stories as they visit homepage. The slider left side is content port that shows slideshow in automatic sliding mode. The right slider box shows vertical list of slider items so user can view the list of all items in small preview or click any slide to view it in full size in slideshow.

Homepage Slider and Layout - TechQPro

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Homepage Layout : The homepage content section gives you grid and list layout so bloggers can decide on how to show latest stories. The grid layout can be helpful to display many post entries with small thumbnails. The another option is list mode that would use single column to present recent stories in traditional blog style. Any homepage layout that would select will show content in clear style and that’s what every blogger expect from a modern blog template.

These are the few points enough to convince any one to try this theme as blog template. Let’s check other features to clear out features and benefits.

ThemeCountry Blogging Theme Features:

Floating Header : This is top panel covering brand logo and wide space to display custom menu bar. Bloggers can implement custom logo image to share their identity as unique brand. The menubar highlights any links that would connect user to top blog category or top level pages. You can further expand menu bar by adding drop-down links so visitors can browse other sub categories also.

The floating board keeps header into all time visible mode so user never get out of touch from menu bar. This type of header design is highly respected by modern bloggers as it improves browsing experience.

Header Preview - TechQPro

Responsive : Bloggers must take care of compatibility when it comes to support handy devices. The blog or any news platform should work on mobile or tablets in order to get maximum visitors. ThemeCountry WordPress blogging theme provide a truly responsive design with high flexibility. So, user can browse slideshow, menu bar, photos, single post, homepage grid and all stuff within destination view port size.

Single Post : News and blog sites always expect their visitors to stay for long time to get good page-views and ad revenue. This is why, ThemeCountry gives single post options panel so you can enable or disable engaging content sections below articles. The single post bottom area features includes Related posts option that would highlight relevant news posts with text link or in featured style.

Blog Post Options - TechQPro

Best Points of TechQPro WordPress Theme :

Back To Top and Pagination : TechQPro has 4 pagination options that provides better content browsing experience. Bloggers can use ajax based “Load more” button to view blog posts easily. Or you can also try auto scroll down pagination that loads posts while scrolling. The beauty of Ajax pagination is seamless content loading without refreshing the page.

For long pages, you are going to get “Back To Top” auto scrolling button in floating mode. This button will be visible on bottom right corner all the way while browsing pages and posts. So, user is never going to spend time on manual scrolling specialty when he want to scroll all the way to the top of the website.

You can pick taxonomy, number of posts and post display style for related posts. The post navigation bar automatically highlights Next and Previous post entries when it is enabled. You can further highlight author box, social sharing buttons and floating social sharing bar on left side. Thanks to social media settings page which can enable sharing links on top and bottom area for blog articles.

Pagination and Widgets - TechQPro

Advertisement Options : TechQPro options panel covers Ad management area with custom ad locations. You can get the Ad code from adsense or any affiliate program and insert into Ad code. Then, you will see ad slots for single post (top, middle, bottom), header and other areas. You can easily implement advertisement banners in ad slots of widget areas to increase Ad revenue.

Widget Areas : Bloggers mostly use footer and sidebar widgets to promote content and custom links. This WordPress theme provides custom set of widgets so you can always display banners, social links, recent posts, custom menu links, author information and more. Footer also works best to share contacts, disclaimer, and other widgets like sidebar.

Settings Panel - TechQPro ThemeCountry

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