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Storied is a blogging theme with strong focus on imagery and text. This premium WordPress theme is produced by Thrive Themes team. They are famous for publishing marketing themes for bloggers and different business types. This theme is mainly developed with bloggers in mind, but it still acquires all features necessary for marketing and leads generation.

Storied Demo -  Thrive Themes Blog WordPress Theme

Just check the demo which shows how it can easily get your attention with nice font style and other styling elements. The lowest page loading time and smooth scroll effect makes it a perfect template for all large content marketing blogs. Whether you are a travel blogger, entertainment news writer or affiliate marketer, this one is best solution for all.

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Grid Style Homepage : Thrive Themes

Frontpage Design : If we land over homepage area then what we really notice first is the grid based layout. The blog style homepage always puts content on first focus, so you will see latest post entries in content area. The homepage grid layout acquires 3 columns for featured posts and one sidebar. We can clearly see that it uses most of the space to display content for body area, still you will have small but enough space for sidebar.

The full-screen background is another best entity which proves how it is really stylish blog template. Storied WordPress theme was developed with a goal to follow professional design along with stylish design. Therefore, it offers a custom background support which can show any image for entire site. The background area will no dilute readability as it only shows background image for free areas, mostly around border of the website.

Frontpage Blog Style Grid Layout - Storied

This WP theme touches the horizon of blogging and marketing, that’s why it boasts features to bring conversion. Thrive Themes provides Focus Areas, Opt-In widgets, Call to action and all elements that gear up marketing and promotional activities. So affiliate bloggers, and product sellers can use this theme as marketing portal.

Business people can use Thrive Page Builder to create intro page or use landing pages. Blog page can still help business people to get more clients with content marketing.

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What Else We Liked In Storied Theme ?

Floating Header : The header is a main navigation section that provides connectivity for entire website. If you use it smartly, then it has space to promote brand logo, menu links and other stuff. The floating layout makes it a perfect solution to add dedicated on-site navigation system. Besides that, you will have space for logo on the left with primary menu on right.

If you are a service provider or local business firm then you can add “click to call” phone button on the header right. Thrive Themes has given space to display big calls to action button and phone number with icon on the right.

Header Menu and Phone Text - Storied

Blog Post Formats : Bloggers will get advanced content listing features to share media and everything in unique way. There are 6 post formats included on the post editor screen, so you are going to choose one as per article need. The list includes Audio, Video, Image, Quote, Gallery and Standard post. Authors can select any format and take benefit of content listing options.

So when you happen to embed video, or add gallery or share quote or new audio track, just pick right format and done. This feature will simplify content listing, and featured image presentation.

Every blog post looks great on featured grid and blog archives page. The way it shows post entries in excerpt style, with colorful “Read more” button makes it perfect for modern authors. You will see numbered pagination on bottom to check out posts from previous pages.

Responsive : Thrive Themes Storied is a responsive WordPress blog theme and it is ready to adapt to all screen sizes. It will adapt to tablet, laptop, mobiles and all other devices. The listing page grid, home-background, header menu, videos, photos and everything is resized automatically for small screens.

Post Layouts and Widgets : Thrive Blog Theme

Single Post : Readers will become engaged with contents When you share your blog articles with custom post formats. But you must create such a design that readers would not want to leave your site when they finish reading articles. This is when you can use below post feature to keep visitors browsing post or make them busy with other tasks.

Single Post - Storied Theme

Storied theme offers plenty of space below articles, So you can display Author introduction box, Related posts, Social sharing buttons and comments box too. Besides that, you will see “Next Post” block just below comments area. Hence, user can also go over to next article as it shows small featured preview with details.

Widgets Area : The sidebar and footer are two key widget areas and mostly visible throughout website. Both of them are used to share newly released posts, latest comments, Ad-banners, social links, author intro and more. But, still you can decide which area is right for certain widget. Thrive Themes provide custom tab widget so you can display 3 widget blocks in one box. The Opt-In widget will increase your newsletter readers list which is good for content marketing.

Footer Widgets - Storied Thrive Themes

Final Words : Thrive Themes has been always popular among marketers and business people. That’s why, it always provides default shortcodes list, custom landing pages collection and other benefits with all theme. So you can use this WP theme to create business type pages with custom shortcodes and visual page builder elements.

Whether you need a blog, affiliate marketing site or business portal, this is one WordPress theme for all website requirements.

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