CSSIgniter SixtyOne : Best Hotel Resort WordPress Theme

SixtyOne is a hotel and resort WordPress theme ideal for all types of accommodation business. CSSIgniter has been selling this hotel template successful since several months. The best part of this theme is flexibility that covers everything from website setup to rooms listings. You will get custom widgets for homepage area and search bar for room search.

SixtyOne CSSIgniter - Hotel WordPress Theme

Also, you will get many useful templates to display rooms, blog, image gallery and everything. The them uses no extra plugins as it uses built-in features to manage everything.

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Frontpage Layout : SixtyOne WordPress Theme

Header Area : The theme has an expandable header which shows custom text on the left and right side. The top header bar in demo shows call to action text (left), map location link (middle), and contact details on the right side. The contacts can include email, phone or hotel address. The main header shows the logo in the middle and a split menu.

Hence, user will see menu bar links on the left and right side of the logo. The primary menu is used to share key links like Rooms page, Contact Page, Booking Page, Blog page etc.

Header and Map - SixtyOne

Homepage Slider : SixtyOne takes a very little time to setup slideshow with visual panel. To add items in homepage slider, you have to click “New slider item” from back-end panel. And the next screen will ask you to add slider details like title, upload featured image etc. Furthermore, it allows you to adjust slider speed and auto-slide feature as you like. The navigation arrows are always visible on slideshow so that user can move in any direction.

Frontpage Slideshow - SixtyOne Hotel Template

Footer/Sidebar Widgets : The footer includes 3 columns to add any widget to display social links, hotel location, contacts or photo gallery. The sidebar is available for blog and other pages so this is another place to promote latest rooms, banner and recent offer posts from blog area. The way, it shows widgets in seamless style will surely get many views for rooms pages and it will keep user rotating within website into different areas.

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Setting Homepage Area : CSSIgniter Hotel Theme

Easy Setup : The main frontpage setup becomes easier with demo files. If yo decide to make clone from demo then just upload sample demo file. And you will get exact same website in-front of your eyes in few minutes. Or, you can manually create homepage with custom introduction on the top of the page. The widgetized layout will give you lots of space to highlight rooms listing, search box, contacts, testimonials and many other stuff.

The demo is only single example and you can change it to display many other contents. SixtyOne WordPress theme provides total 11 widgets, out of them 6 are useful for homepage to display hotel business related contents. Some top widgets includes CO Page (display single featured page), CI book Room (placed on rooms sidebar to book current room), Testimonials slider widget, and more.

SixtyOne Widgets homepage

Custom Page Templates : The rooms section is one of the top page from templates collection. You can choose multiple columns layout for rooms and gallery listing page. Total columns allowed for archive page are 2,3, and 4 which is enough to display many rooms entry on single page. Same layout applies to galley section so visitors can view many photos on single gallery page.

Besides that, you can also develop custom contact, booking, about us, price list and other pages. Blog section is also another part of page templates which spread your news and travel related contents. If you use blog as content marketing tool then you can grab many deals by sharing travel place details that is located near by your location.

Rooms and Gallery Listing Templates - SixtyOne

Responsive : Let people enjoy browsing rooms, listings, and make booking request from handy device. The easy adaptive responsive layout will load header menu bar, rooms page, single listing, photo gallery and all elements nicely.

Other Details : SixtyOne CSSIgniter

Booking and Search Options : Thanks to developers for offering custom forms support so hotel owners can create page for booking request. The form will accept visitor’s details and send it to hotel owners. So they can follow clients for booking confirmation. There is a rooms search module that allows you to find rooms by just entering details.

Once you fill out arrival/departure details, total guests and room type then it will bring available rooms on the screen. Then user can go on full rooms page and make request with booking form.

Booking Form and Room Search - SixtyOne

Adding Rooms Detail : The rooms listing section will show you option to add custom name as title. Then you can add photo gallery to display all rooms amenities. With detail box, you can add video, custom links, and paragraphs to explaining rooms benefits. The single rooms sidebar can display “Book Now” widget so user can click and directly book that selected room.

Rooms Listing - SixtyOne CSSIgniter

Theme Customizer : We have checked documentation and it reveals that CSSIgniter SixtyOne comes with customizer support. So, you will be visually managing everything from colors, fonts, page layouts, widgets, background and all stuff. The header logo, menu links, footer widgets and all elements can be controlled from single customizer page.

The testimonials listing and widget will help you get more clients. If you use this hotel WordPress theme with good plan then you can surely get many inquiries. Having a website can improve bookings and communication with clients. This is best hotel booking template in our opinion.

CSSIgniter – SixtyOne Theme : Click for Demo & Price

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