Organic Themes Sideways : Split Screen WordPress Blog Theme

Sideways is a WordPress blogging theme that offers unique book style journal layout. It is released by Organic Themes developers who knows the strategy to create best blogging themes. This WordPress theme has totally different split screen layout where you will see two portion on the screen. The left side is for header and featured images and right one for contents.

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Sideways Organic Themes - Split Screen Theme for WordPress bloggers

If you check out demo preview then you will feel as if you are reading articles from digital book. As user can always see featured image on the left side, it will keep readers interested to browse more contents. This new concept has only two goals : 1) Content friendly design, 2) Easy navigation.

What’s Unique In Sideways WordPress Theme ?

Organic Themes thought to create such a journal template that covers every aspect of a content optimized website. Hence, they eliminated sidebar widget area which is mostly available in all blog and content sharing sites. Because, they thought that widgets are not effective when you are planning to create only content oriented site. You may have seen many blogs and news portals which distract reader’s attention by showing banners, and other stuff on sidebar area.

Sideways is a sidebar free WordPress theme that is released for those creative bloggers who are tired of using traditional blog templates. Any one can use this blog theme to start a blog, marketing or content sharing platform. It can surely display your articles in appealing style with content focused layout. The theme supports images, videos and every modern content that you might need to use to create interactive articles.

Sideways Mobile Preview - Responsive Blog Theme

The responsive design is well worth trying on mobile devices as it adjust on smallest screen size too. You can try out responsive demo by just resizing browse window size and see how left panel shifts on the top. If you browse it from large screen(desktop devices) then you will see left header section as static area. But when you browse from small screens (mobiles) then header automatically shifts from left to top.

Sideways Organic Themes : Best Blog Features

Post Formats : Modern bloggers would surely appreciate this feature for it’s great benefits. The blog post formats list covers everything including Gallery, Video, Quotes, Audio and Standard posts. This list is always visible on the post editor screen while creating new articles. So authors and content marketers can choose custom post format for every single article.

For e.g. if you are sharing new movie trailer then you can choose Video post. And to share travel photos or any other images, you can select gallery post style. Every post format has unique style and content management options. So you don’t have to worry about embedding videos from YouTube, or showing Quotes in unique style.

Blog Post Formats - Sideways

The Sideways WordPress theme supports featured images which is main part of any website. You can only attract visitor’s attention when you show featured image preview for each new story. And this blog theme automatically creates best featured preview for video, quote, and all types of articles.

Custom Pages : Apart from standard blog features, you can add custom pages like portfolio and testimonials. These pages are integrated using Jetpack plugin which offers custom posts and layout options. Most of the professional marketers and business individuals would require these type of pages. But, you can still use them any-time for blog or personal website needs. For e.g. freelancers can use portfolio to display work samples and show off client’s opinions using testimonials page.

Other Key Features :

Navigation Menu : The left top side of the screen shows a menu button which shows and hides navigation panel. This mobile ready menu works on handy and desktop devices, so visitors can easily navigate on your site. Menu links are not visible in default mode but you can use “toggle” button to load slide-in menu bar on your screen. This way, you will get lots of free space to highlight contents and featured image on the screen.

Slide-In Navigation Menu - Sideways

The left split screen shows header background image along with social sharing links. This social links are visible every time which is great option to add more social followers in your list. We love the smooth scrolling style, fasted loading speed and featured layout. This is best split screen WordPress theme that uses minimal layout and finest content friendly design.

I suggest Sideways theme for all websites that shares ideas, tutorials, news, tips and knowledge. It uses simplicity with the style, so readers would never feel boring while browsing your articles.

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