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ShopDock is one of the most popular e-commerce WordPress theme by Themify. This theme is known for offering best shopping experience with Ajax shopping cart. If you want to start a multi-purpose or single niche product store then it is best for you.

The theme includes Custom layout for WooCommerce shop, so you easily start stunning shops that is loved by modern users. It has two navigation menus to help visitors navigate over important areas. The header and footer both has navigation menus for better browsing experience.

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Why ShopDock WordPress Theme ?

There are many WooCommerce themes available for WordPress CMS, but this is unique. It offers you an Ajax shopping cart which needs no refresh or navigation when you add or remove items in cart. You will see “Plus” icon with every product thumbnail which helps you to add item in cart page with single click. The homepage offers dynamic featured layout where you can show-off latest products using 4 columns featured grid structure.


Online shops are always packed with lots of items so you should provide custom options to help visitors find right product. That’s why ShopDock offers custom WooCommerce features to sort and filter items easily. The sort list gives you ability to view items by price, newness, rating and othe methods. Price filter bar is displayed on sidebar widget area which helps you to set budget. Hence, user can only see items from given budget range.

Themify has also developed WooCommerce Shopdock plugin which can be used with any other theme to create same store like this theme. It offers multiple color skins, check-out button, and other benefits.

ShopDock Themify : Key Features

Shopping Cart Dock at Bottom : When you add an item to cart page then floating dock section automatically becomes visible on the bottom area of the page. So user can easily watch preview of all items which has been added to cart page. This dock is always visible as it is offered in floating mode. That means you can see it when scrolling over page. It shows all items with delete button so you can remove items from cart with single click.


Apart from that, it also shows Check-Out button so you can instantly navigate on check-out page. This feature offers easy shopping process compare to other common eCommerce templates.

Custom post slider : ShopDock homepage offers a slider spot so you can display selected products in carousel block. This slider allows you to display items from any category and you can also specify number of posts. Shop settings page gives you all slider options like Auto scroll mode, Speed, and Total slides visible at a time.


Themify offers special Shop settings page on back-end side so you can manage everything for your store. The shop page settings allows you to choose layout style among left/right sidebar or full-width style. You can also specify total products to highlight on single page.

If we talk about single product page then it also offers same 3 layout options. In addition, you can choose to enable/disable certain items like Product reviews, Related products etc.


Final Words :

The ShopDock WordPress theme offers you many other useful options. For customization need, you re getting themify options panel and customizer panel with preview box. The footer area has 4 widget columns so you can add contacts and any other widgets. The home and product slider are also provided with many settings.

You can also set Shop page as homepage or choose any other page as homepage. The custom header gives you header, menu and logo support. The bottom of the page offers numbered pagination and Back to top button on footer region. The basic features includes Blog temple (2,3,4 columns), Shortcodes and Child theme support.


If you have been planning to start a responsive eCommerce shop then here is the right solution. This theme can work over any internet device and all browsers.

Themify ShopDock Theme : Click for Demo & Price

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