Restored 316 Style : Feminine WordPress Genesis Theme

Style is a professional feminine WordPress theme for genesis framework released by Restored 316. It was built to help business woman, mom bloggers and all lady professionals to start a personal website. The dynamic homepage layout makes it very powerful to start website for any need. Whether you want to promote consultancy related services, products, wedding services or knowledge, it is for all. The theme just helps you to display any information using widget supported areas.

Faithful Review – Restored 316

Style WordPress Genesis Theme - Restored 316

It is concentrated to get your more subscribers for newsletter and email promotion. If you look at demo sample then it will surely attract you with clean and stylish layout. The theme takes full benefit of all advanced features provided by Genesis Framework. So you don’t have to use coding work to setup custom layouts, navigation menu or anything.

Style Genesis Theme – Restored 316 : Main Features

Color Scheme Options : The default color skin is offered for general use only. But we can’t expect all theme users to go with the same color style. Modern websites are developed with unique color shade that matches to brand and business niche type. That’s why, you are getting a flexible color skin selector with customizer panel. Hence, you just need to click on desired color and it will be picked up for your site.

Market Genesis Theme Review : Restored 316

Color Scheme options - Customizer Style theme

The customizer is best tool to bring out all changes on your website. You can not only change color skin but also change typography for heading, body and other areas. The options panel allows you to select color for background, header, fonts, and other elements. Whether you need a simple website or highly visually appealing site, it will help you create any type of website.

Style theme has customizer panel which enables you to arrange homepage widgets in desired order. Also you can manage navigation bar, header elements, page layouts and other stuff for entire website.

Popup Maker Support : If you want to promote new offers or get more email subscriber then here is best plugin. This custom pop maker plugin can display any image, details or widget using popup box. It will automatically highlight a popup box on your screen when user comes to your website. It offers big view port so that you can display images and promotional text on the screen. This is totally optional plugin so you can enable it if you find it best for your website.

Above Content Widget - Style Genesis theme

Style WordPress Theme : More Details

Home Page Setup : There are 7 widget areas integrated for homepage so you can add all or few of them. The widget offers flexibility to display any post, page, text, image, links and other elements. So you don’t necessarily have to follow same pattern as demo or defined by developer. The “Widget Above Content” section shows a newsletter sign-up box on homepage and top of the all other pages.

Genesis Custom Widgets - Style Restored 316

This is best place to display desired widget, banner or any call to action. Because whatever is added in this area is visible on homepage and other pages also. Genesis Style theme allows you to choose custom parallax background or you can keep it plain. For business people, it has “Genesis Featured Post” widget which is great tool to highlight Services, Price and other main pages.

Similarly, you can use “Featured Slider” by genesis to display custom post entries from any category. The home demo also shows “Testimonials” entries which looks great for all corporate and business type websites. These testimonials are integrated using “Testimonial Rotator plugin” which is free and nice option to display praise words from your past clients.

Homepage Widgets - Style Restored 316

The theme also gives you support for columns classes so you can insert multiple columns using text widgets. The top of the front page shows a large image, you can also add this type of custom image using “Header Featured image” option. We liked homepage layout for full-width layout so business owners can add lots of details.

Apart from these widget blocks, you are getting many more widget areas. For e.g. Primary Sidebar, After Entry Widget, Footer Widgets etc. Hence, website owners are going to get much more flexibility to implement custom widgets : Social links, Contacts, Banners, Custom links etc.

Conclusion Lines : Style Genesis Child Theme

This is a highly unique genesis WordPress theme which provides right platform to start a Blog, Shop, Business or Personal website portal. You just have to use given page templates and widgets. There are 3 layouts given for pages so you can use full-width or any layout for different page sections. The custom page templates list provides “Category Index” page that offers widget support. So you can develop separate index page to highlight posts from best categories.

Floating Menu - Style Restored 316

In addition, it includes many useful pages : Custom Category Page, Landing Page, Blog Page and more. The navigation bar is designed in floating mode so it is visible even when you are scrolling. This type of fixed menu design can be useful to provide easily accessibility to navigation system. If you check homepage then you will see that it has prominent newsletter widget box. This box becomes visible on the bottom of the page when you start scrolling down.

So this is good feature for any one who is planning to create large email subscribers list. I suggest this theme to all chic bloggers and women entrepreneurs to start business portal or WooCommerce powered online shop.

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