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Project Bidding Theme Review Sitemile : If you want to start a freelancer job board or project bidding website then Project theme is perfect suitable WordPress application theme. The theme has detailed tutorials, documentation guides and custom sitemile options panel to help you launch a fully featured freelancer websites. The Sitemile Project Theme gives you admin panel with advanced configuration options and styling features, but still it is suggestible for Novice and Highly experienced users. Because options panel, widgets and everything works in simple way so if you know basic of WordPress admin panel then you can have work with this premium WordPress Freelancer Theme.

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Sitemile Project Theme Details :

The WordPress Project Bidding Theme has two user types options 1)Employer, 2) Freelancer. The new users will be required to register using given registration page and they can also user social accounts like twitter, facebook for quick registration. In this theme, employers can add their project using project post page with all details like project main title, work description or requirements, budget, tags, categories, upload file (PDF, DOC and more). Then, freelancers who are registered on the website can filter or search for the job and apply for the suitable project.

At the end of the process, employers can choose right candidate from the proposal list. The project Bidding WordPress Theme is supported by private message system which allows both types of users to exchange messages or necessary files. Apart from that SiteMile has combined some best monetization tools in this freelance project WordPress application theme, hence you can take charge per listing, sell bulk listing membership packages or take charge to feature project on featured areas.

Project Bidding Theme Review - SiteMile

Project Bidding Theme Top Features by SiteMile

Here, we will list some main features of this Freelancer theme like user profile option, payment options, membership options, listing options and much more. We will go little bit more in depth to study how these features can be useful and how they really works.

Freelancer User Profiles

The profile page is very important for all freelance users because this page is mostly viewed by most of the employers before they choose right candidate for their project. Project Bidding Theme provides custom profile management page to add personal details, experience, skills etc. The profile page is visible to other users and employers and they can figure out everything about particular freelancer like rating, projects worked on, feedbacks offered by previous employers, portfolio images, activity details etc. The Premium SiteMile Theme will not help freelancer to get jobs only, but also support employers to choose right and reputed worker for their job by viewing profile statistics.

Project Theme Freelancer Profile Page

Take Share From Projects

The Sitemile Project Bidding Freelancer Theme will show you different ways so you can decide how you want to charge your users and make earning. The common and default way is to charge some percentage of the total project fees or decide flat fee rate. So, any project sold on your platform will earn you cash that is decided in your revenue sharing system. It can be taken with PayPal adaptive payment system or some other credit system. The SiteMile can add other payment method if you want them to add it, which may chargeable and work history.

Secure Credit System

Any Project freelancer website with proper payment and credit system tend to have better success in long run. And Project Bidding Theme Of SiteMile also brings this feature so whoever use this theme for their freelancer website can secure payments and withdrawal process. In this credit system users will need to buy virtual cash and then this credit can be used for all types of activities on the website like pay money to freelancer for completing projects, listing jobs, submit proposals etc. In-short, once you have purchased credit through this system you can use it to purchase listing, featured listing or anything that is chargeable.

Geo Map / Radius Search

This is another good feature of WordPress Project Bidding Theme useful to create a freelancer marketplace portal / website supported by location based search. This system will enable your users to find job, person or listing based on zop code, post code, address, city name or location based search keyword. Moreover, you can also provide radius details like exact miles or kilometer to find using defined radius. This advanced geo search feature is based on Google’s geo coordinates and whatever search result is filtered will be displayed on map based search page.

This was a quick look at main features of SiteMile Project Bidding Theme The list is very big so other standard features are mentioned in the list available at the bottom.

CONCLUSION : SiteMile Project Bidding Theme

We just had a deep look into this theme and by now it is pretty much clear that Project Bidding Theme is a right choice to launch freelancer websites or professional job portal. We didn’t talk about the compatibility of this freelancer WordPress theme but let me tell you that it is responsive and works with all browsers. so mobile users, tablet users or people having other modern browser will not fail to access your freelancer website. The SiteMile theme supports lots of payment gateways so we suggest you to check official website page to get full details (link given at the end of this post).

Project Bidding Theme SiteMile All Features :

  • Profile Page : One page can reveal all details about freelancer
  • Responsive For Modern smart-phones, laptops and any other devices
  • Monetization Tools : Take Percent Fee, Flat Fee or sell membership
  • Earn extra fees from featured listing
  • Sell banner spots : Earn even more cash
  • Alternate Payment Gateways : PayPal, PayPal Adaptive, Payza
  • Custom Support : Contact Sitemile to add local payment gateway
  • Customization Support : Get this theme customized at request
  • Escrow Feature
  • Job Listing Post : Fill details and publish
  • Zip/Postcode radius quick search : Result displayed on Map
  • File Upload : Upload digital files .Zip and .Rar archives
  • Virtual Cash Credit : Use to pay for listing, projects
  • Multi Language Compatible
  • Facebook Support : Share projects on facebook wall and get likes
  • Twitter support : Add twitter details and get followers
  • Unlimited future updates
  • Lifetime Support and Forum for general help
  • Email and Skype (Live) support

Price : $69.99

Visit Project Theme Demo & SiteMile

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