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PremiumPress Themes is a WordPress themes developer team famous for their quality collection of application WordPress themes. All Business Themes developed by their coders are compatible for latest SEO requirements and Web development trend. So any one who pick their WordPress template can get benefit of good loading speed. Thanks to PremiumPress designers for using best line spacing, elegant background and unique typography to improve readability.

PremiumPress Themes Review Demo - WordPress Business Application Themes

Their application WordPress themes are developed for special purpose and not for general business websites. So you will find responsive WordPress themes from their store to create various websites like : Business Directory, Auction Site, Coupon Site, Classified Ads portal, Online Shop, Price Comparison site, Dating site, Job Board Website, Car Dealer Site, Video Portal, Digital Download site and Music Site.

PremiumPress Pricing Plans :

Just like all large WordPress themes store, PremiumPress also has their own price plans that is suitable for all types of user base. The theme has “Theme Package” mainly offered for people who just need one theme for their business. The price of single theme is only $79 (1 time payment) which is affordable for any user having low budget. The single package benefits includes : 10 child themes, theme support, free updates, access to PSD files. PremiumPress allows you to use same theme to start multiple website (personal use) so you don’t need to pay extra fees to use them on other sites.

PremiumPress Theme Pricing Plans

VIP Club Package :

This is another type of membership plan specifically introduced for web designers who often require different themes for their client’s website. This package will save lots of money as web designers will not have to purchase themes for every client. The VIP Club Package consist of all themes (15) available on PremiumPress Themes store and 80+ child themes for quick startup. It also allows free support, updates and PSD files so that user is always secure when it comes to solve issues or apply new feature from updates.

Last but not least, Installation Only is a service provided by PremiumPress Team where buyer can pay $15 to ask them to setup theme. If you don’t have much time of you are confused them you can pay this little fees and their experts will install theme on your web server.

PremiumPress Help or Support

When you decide to purchase a WordPress Theme, Plugin or any other product you must make check out their support policy. Because it will make sure that you will always get a help when you are in trouble or into technical issues. Please check the list below to get all idea about all types of support provided by PremiumPress Themes.

PremiumPress Help Support Options

Best Theme Support : As Below

  • Get Started Guide : With all details using Premium WordPress Themes
  • Technical Support : Talk your issues with expert team about your issues
  • Documentation : PremiumPress theme documentation with all details
  • Development Guide : Learn to customize PremiumPress themes
  • Helpful Videos : Detailed Videos tutorails (stemp by step) to learn setup and customization

So, this was a brief idea about PremiumPress WordPress Themes store and I am sure you must have got answer why they are best WordPress application theme providers in the market. Please keep reading below to get quick idea about all themes developd by their team.

Directory WordPress Theme :

Directory WordPress Theme - PremiumPress

A responsive and advanced directory theme with SEO friendly design. If you want to start a professional looking directory portal in just a few minutes then you must go for PremiumPress Directory Theme. The directory template includes Payment Options, Membership plans, Admin Options and more. If you are really searching for a responsive directory software or directory script then take a brief look by clikcing the link below.

PremiumPress Directory Theme Review & Demo

Responsive Micro Jobs Theme :

Micro Jobs WordPress Theme - PremiumPress Themes

You might have seen micro jobs website like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour where people can list (sell) their services through gigs and those who require them can purchase it for a fixed price. The PremiumPress Micro Jobs WordPress Theme brings all necessary options and back-end tools so that you can start and control your own micro jobs website easily. The user friendly options panel and simple steup will make everything easier.

PremiumPress Micro Jobs Theme Review & Demo

Digital Downloads WordPress Theme :

Digital Downloads WordPress Theme - PremiumPress Themes

Are you planning to sell Music, Documents, Videos, PDF files or other digital stuff ? then you must not look further. This theme will help you launch your own digital download website in few moments and you can instantly get started to create listings of your digital goods. PremiumPress Digital Downloads Theme is made for those people who wants to sell their valuable software, photos and other downloadable stuff. Once you setup this script on your server you can configure everything like payment method, website layout, free download and more.

PremiumPress Digital Downloads Theme Review & Demo

Business Directory Theme :

Business Directory WordPress Theme - PremiumPress

Now it has become easier to start an online business directory portal with the help of PremiumPress directory template. This theme is packed with lots of remarkable qualities like SEO optimized design, Responsive, User friendly navigation, Best back-end options and more. The theme is powered by drag and drop homepage so administrators can easily add or remove any content sections as needed.

PremiumPress Directory Theme Review & Demo

Coupon WordPress Theme :

Coupon WordPress Theme - PremiumPress

This is another best WordPress coupon template ideal for affiliate marketers, product promoters and individuals who wants to start coupon and discount code sharing portal. The PremiumPress Coupon theme supports XML, iCodes and CSV files so you can easily import bulk data using those feed sources. The responsive framework and flexible coupon management options makes it number one solution for online coupon store.

PremiumPress Coupon Theme Review & Demo

Real Estate WordPress Theme :

Real Estate WordPress Theme - PremiumPress

A best solution for property brokers and real estate agents who wants to create a Real estate websites to get more customers. The premium real estate WordPress theme by PremiumPress will gives you all features required to run your online real estate portal. The theme works over responsive framework that works on mobiles, tablets and all types of screen resolutions. It includes built-in features like : Post Format for property listing, Agent Profile page, Contact page, Featured listings area (homepage), Property browser, Search Options and more.

PremiumPress Real Estate Theme Review & Demo

Video Sharing WordPress Theme :

Video WordPress Theme - PremiumPress Themes

This is a premium video template which is made for creative people who wants to creat a video sharing website to feature videos for single or multiple topics. The responsive video theme by PremiumPress can help you start a community website to share videos just like YouTube and Vimeo. It has advanced features so you can share videos or create a training website with free or membership options.

PremiumPress Video Theme Review & Demo

Classifieds WordPress Theme :

Classifieds WordPress Theme - PremiumPress

A simple and all in one solution to start classifieds website for single or multiple categories where people can display advertisements related to their product and services. The PremiumPress Classifieds scriot consist of pricing options, membership plans, unique search tool and more. If you are in search of an SEO friendly and modern classified template then look no further and select this one. It’s back-end has lots of options so you can easily create unique homepage with classified listings, categories and all other stuff.

PremiumPress Classifieds Theme Review & Demo

Shopping Cart WordPress Theme :

Shopping Cart eCommerce store WordPress Theme - PremiumPress

Starting an online shop is very difficult as it requires technical knowledge, large budget to hire programmer and lots of time for manual customization. But you don’t need to worry about it any-more, as PremiumPress has introduced a user friendly e-commerce template. The premium shopping cart script comes with normal price that is affordable for all types of beginners. It will help you setup your own online store with Tax, Payment and Shipping options. Thanks to developers for providing easy back-end options so novice people can also start and control e-commerce portal like professionals.

PremiumPress Shopping Cart Theme Review & Demo

Auction WordPress Theme :

Auction WordPress Theme - PremiumPress Themes

An ideal solution to start a user friendly responsive auction website accessible from all modern handy devices. This PremiumPress Auction template can easily convert a simple WordPress site into an authority Auction portal with it’s built-in features. The back-end options will help users to customize their auctions and profile, also they can add or edit current auction instantly. It is suggestible to start niche based auction website, business auction portal like Flippa or any other type of auction site.

PremiumPress Auction Theme Review & Demo

Music Community Theme :

Music WordPress Theme - PremiumPress

Now you can launch an interactive music community website to share audio and video files with your fans and visitors. The responsive music template is made with band websites and music professionals in mind so that they never feel regret when it comes to share their latest music albums. The PremiumPress Music template is SEO optimized and it’s framework allows administrators to upload various videos and audio so that users can enjoy it on their mobiles or PC.

PremiumPress Music Community WordPress Theme Review & Demo

Price Comparison WordPress Theme :

Price Comparison WordPress Theme - PremiumPress

Another best templates for affiliate marketers and product review writers who wants to earn good income by promoting multiple products through price comparison portals. The main goal of this theme is to enable administrators to easily create price comparison pages by posting price and links of different sellers. For e.g. A product is being sold on various platforms then you can provide their price details, product page links and other information. This way, visitors can decide to buy it from most reliable portal with lowest price and maximum benefits.

PremiumPress Price Comparison Theme Review & Demo

Car Dealer WordPress Theme :

A premium WordPress theme with responsive design ideal for auto-trader and car agents who are running car dealers business. The theme is good solution for people who are selling customized cars or those who wants to start live classifieds portal for auto-mobiles business. The PremiumPress theme gives you options to display Make / Model, GEO location and provide advanced search features. Most of the people prefer to use internet to buy used cars and this theme will help them find their budget car with advanced search options. Thanks to car listing options which makes it possible to display gallery of car interior and external look, price, features and other details.

Car Dealer WordPress Theme - PremiumPress

PremiumPress Car Dealer Theme Review & Demo

Job Board WordPress Theme :

Job Board WordPress Theme - PremiumPress

If you are thinking of launching a professional job board portal like Freelancer or Elance then you have come to right place. The premium job board script has unique options which allows members to create job listings to find right candidate or skilled worker. And job seeker members can bid on the suitable work if they find their skill relevant to particular listing. This is a best responsive job board template to start a niche based job board portal.

PremiumPress Job Board Theme Review & Demo

Dating WordPress Theme :

A multi-purpose WordPress theme package idea to start dating or community website just within a short time. It is made with a goal to work for people who wants to start community, agency or dating website. The responsive theme includes multiple dating and community templates with feature packed framework to allow users to use video/audio chat, private message system and many more. This type of dating sites can earn you a big sum of money only if your website looks professional and it has chat and communication features. And this is what you will get in this premium Dating script.

Dating WordPress Theme - PremiumPress

PremiumPress Dating Theme Review & Demo

Conclusion :

This was a complete review for PremiumPress WordPress Application Themes and I am sure, it will help you find ideal theme for your next website platform. The dedicated support team, user friendly framework options, responsive design, regular updates are some key features which makes it suggestible for every novice and expert users. If you have basic WordPress knowledge and don’t know coding then you are still eligible to use their business WordPress script.

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