CSSIgniter Pintores : Pinterest-like WordPress Blogging Theme

Introducing another best Pinterest like WordPress theme called Pintores by CSSIgniter. Now share your journal stories through pinterest-style theme which acquires same features as found with pintered social media platform. We all know that most of the social platforms are success because of media friendly environment.

If you check Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest then all of them provides freedom to post images, videos and other items. This theme also gives you auto content loading pagination and content rid homepage.

Pintores CSSIgniter - Pinterest Style WordPress Bloging Theme

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Homepage Features Overview : Pintores

Homepage Grid Layout : The homepage looks really unique with 4 columns variations which shows lots of entries within one page. If you check it closely then you will find that every post format has been shown unique featured image style. So visitors will be able to see audio, video, gallery and post post types in nice featured style. You will see image Zooom-in hover effect by placing mouse on any featured post entry.

The responsive grid layout keeps Pintores theme in functioning mode for on different view port. Even when you access it from small mobile screens or tablet it will gives you same experience on all devices. The desktop devices will show homepage with 4 columns grid which is default homepage layout. But, it will decrease the number of featured grid columns based on screen types. So visitors will see homepage in dynamic style, especially while browsing from handy devices.

Responsive Bog Theme - Pintores

User can browse featured post in full view by clicking on the post title. If you click on thumbnail on any post entry then you will see image in light-box. Not only that, you can stream audio music tracks, and videos directly from grid section without opening post in full view. This is best way to let visitors access media items directly from homepage grid.

Favourite Button : You will find this button on every post entry on archive page, listing page and single post. The icon found with heart shape is called “Favourite or Love It Button. It is same as Pinterest’s and Facebook’s Like button. Hence, visitors can click this button to vote their opinion, especially when they like article. It leaves cooking in user’s browser to stop multiple votes from single user.

Favourite Button - Pintores Featured Post

Other Benefits : Pintores CSSIgniter

Infinite Scrolling : Have you been spending lots of time while browsing post entries with traditional pagination ?. Well, numbered pagination are outdated especially for modern blog platforms. Though, many blog and news sites still use numbered pagination, but CSSIgniter has something new for you. The ajax infinite scroll is available to replace old numbered button which were used to browse previous archive pages from homepage.

The “Infinite Auto Scroll” mode keeps loading more featured post entries on homepage. All you have to do it just keep scrolling on the bottom side and it will load more posts until it reach the end. If talk about benefit then it will save time taken for content browsing. Pintores WordPress theme loads all posts using ajax which never reloads entire screen.

Ajax Infinite Scrolling - Pintores

It will just add new posts on bottom area so readers can keep browsing more posts to find best story.

Post Formats : This feature makes you more comfortable for sharing media items, especially video, audio and images. The post editor will have all 6 pre-defined blot post formats so you can pick one and create article. Each post will show a unique icon on right to reveal type of the post. Hence, user can figure-out which post format is used and browse articles from same post format by clicking on the icon.

The post format list options includes Video, Gallery, Image, Audio, Quote and Standard. All post types will have custom options depending on the post type format type. So you will be having best way to display video, gallery slider, audio tracks (player support) etc.

Blog Post Formats - Pintores

Final Words : Pinterest Blogging Theme

Widget Areas : The “Top Header” area has custom widget sections which can display social links or search widget. CSSIgniter provides custom plugins to add custom widgets and shortcodes. Next one is “Intro Widget” which is shown as first post showing author intro, Flickr photos, Twitter widget tor anything you like. This is optional widget so you can leave it blank and nothing will show up.

CSSIgniter Panel : Pintores is a user friendly WordPress blog theme having a best options panel. So there will be lots of flexibility to select color style, font style, background, header logo and more. The visual options panel is very easy solution for all people, especially for novice who don’t do programming. The sidebar widget sections is enabled for blog posts and pages, ideal to promote banners, latest posts and more. Footer looks great with 4 widget entries which is another great place for on-site content promotion.

Widget Areas - Pintores CSSIgniter

I just suggest this WordPress blogging template for all modern authors who are searching for Pinterest clone theme. Just buy this theme and you will have all features and benefit offered by Pinterest site.

CSSIgniter – Pintores Theme : Click for Demo & Price

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