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Review : Pinboard WordPress Theme from Themify is a pinterest style blog theme made of dynamic featured grid layout as you may have seen on Pinterest profile board. You must have seen many other blog templates in the market like tumblr style themes, traditional themes but what sets Pinboard theme apart from them is dynamic grid layout. Let me explain you what is it exactly, well having responsive WordPress blogging theme with dynamic grid can adjust on small mobile screens or big desktop PC screens. At the same time it automatically add / remove number of grid columns according to layout. For e.g. it may only display 1 or 2 featured columns for small screens and on tablet wide screen it may display 4 or more screens. Hence readers are always given best content browsing experience while coming from any devices.

Pinboard Installation Process : Well, setup process for this professional Pinterest WordPress template is same as you would setup all other themes. Still if you are new to WordPress then you must know how to setup it. Either you can upload theme archive file from FTP to Themes folder located under WP-Content, this is a bit lengthy process and not used most of the time. Second way is to upload theme from WordPress dashboard which is easy, just access WP sidebar menu options and find Appearance > Themes. From these areas you will find option to browse theme from your PC and once it is uploaded you will see theme in the current themes list. Now it’s time to hit Activate button and your website will be running with the selected theme.

Pinboard Review Themify - Responsive Pinterest WordPress Theme


Best Areas Of This Theme : Themify Pinboard WordPress theme is laid out in the same fashion as on Pinterest which makes it a right solution to display lots of news posts on the front-page directly. You will also enjoy a super cool homepage auto stacking layout which keeps adjusting news stories automatically on homepage featured board. If you look over demo then you will get clear idea how different featured posts can take small or big space to display excerpt, single thumbnail, image gallery etc. But you don’t have to worry for this dynamic space requirements, auto stacking fluid will take care of it. The default layout presents theme with four columns grid but fluid design can increase or decrease columns as per view port. Just resize your browser window and see how it adjusts columns instantly with smooth transition mode.

Quick Setup Process : Whether you are a novice or experienced WordPress user but one thing is always expected by all types of users, Proper Documentation. Pinboard Themify WordPress theme has thoroughly described documentation as well as sample data file. If you don’t want to spend much time to create same website as on the demo here then just upload demo data file provided with Pinboard package and in very short-time you will get same clone like demo. After that you will have to make changes in some places like menus, logo, posts and other areas. The theme has seven built-in color skins so if you are a creative blogger who love to switch between different color skins time to time then you can choose this pinterest blog theme.

Some Good Parts of Homepage : We have reviewed most of the parts of this Themify blog theme but there are other remarkable parts to look for. The first part of Pinboard theme (homepage) is called header is a medium sized bold colorful panel where you can place menus on left side, logo on middle and widgets (social, search) on the right side. Then comes a custom text board, here you can insert a big heading and a message or tag-line which can be some good words to welcome readers or some information about your blog. This pinterest WordPress theme can present your image gallery and video contents using visually optimized way using light-box support. Last but not least, it’s pagination part is fully automated and supported by infinite scroll that loads stories on homepage board with scrolling. Many thank to Themify team for offering all modern blogging features in single blog WordPress theme.

Final Words : The Admin dashboard of Pinboard WordPress theme allows you to make big to small changes with ready options. Whether you want to change color, background, layouts or anything you will never come across the condition where you have to involve in coding or any other lengthy task. If you are serious blogger and searching for pinterest style theme or Pinterest clone WordPress theme then I would suggest you to go for this theme.



  • Auto Stacking Style like Pinterest
  • Best Responsive Design
  • Short-codes : Button, Google Map (Location Pin Point), Info Box
  • Controls : Layouts, Color, Sidebar and more
  • Articles Support : Add Gallery, Video, Image, Standard articles
  • Dynamic responsive grid layout
  • Infinite scroll mode – Ajax : Front-page
  • Homepage : Full-screen
  • Sidebar for posts/pages

Price Details :
Standard : $49
Developer : $69


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