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Introduction : Ovation by AudioTheme is a versatile music WordPress theme inspired by single page layout. Though, you can still add as many pages as you want in your music or band websites. The single page layout gives you opportunity to add custom home sections. So you can display highlight of all pages for a quick overview. Whether you are an orchestra group, band, concert organizer or singer, this music template fits for all needs.

Ovation AudioTheme - Responsive Music WordPress Theme

AudioTheme is best place to buy music themes and that’s why this theme store is popular among musicians community. The developer only creates WordPress themes and plugins for music niche. So you can be sure to get all modern features in your theme that you purchase from AudioTheme website.

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Features Review : Ovation Theme

Stylish Header : The heAder that you see in demo is setup with customizer options. You just don’t need to use small header as provided by all other music templates. Instead, you can create a media-rich header background where you can use large area to display custom image or video. Apart from that, you can implement custom logo image/text and slogan/tagline to create brand for your music business.

Header media options - Ovation

The header provides ability to insert sticky navigation menu and dropdown style (e.g. Horizontal). Along with that, you can add social navigation menu by providing links for top social channels. Once you add links for social bar then it uses built-in icons for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. The button shown on the top left of navigation bar is given to access sidebar widgets, which is not visible in default mode.

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Front Page Sections : Ovation is the most dynamic music WordPress theme with flexible homepage options. The homepage only shows latest posts but if follow documentation instructions then you can develop a section based parallax homepage. This way, you can easily highlight hand picked content on the homepage.

In order to impress homepage visitors, you can add useful elements as Front page sections. For e.g. Records, Pages, Recent posts, Videos, Events, Newsletter, Videos and AudioTheme archives.

Ovation customizer - front page sections

There is no hard rule on what you can add on homepage, so you can also add content of any selected page for particular section. This is good way to feature all top contents like custom play-lists, unique quotes, Instagram feeds and more. The built-in AudioTheme plugins feature makes it easy to manage and display discography, gigs, videos and other stuff.

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More Details on Homepage and Other Features :

Every home section shows few entries and full page link so visitors can easily browse source page. The customizer panel provides special front-page options from where you can add desired home sections and arrange them with drag and drop method. For every section in list, you will find button with custom options so you can decide on how to display contents for each home block.

Parallax Scrolling Effect : A music website should not look boring, especially homepage. That’s why, Ovation WordPress theme has been integrated to utilize parallax feature for homepage area. Hence, administrators can easily assign featured images to various home sections. As a result, user will be able to differentiate between sections through images.

Ovation - Home Sections with Parallax Background

AudioTheme provides option to create stylish parallax-like scrolling effect so user will feel amazing while scrolling through page. When you combine section related images then it automatically creates more curiosity to browse your website. The images can not only improve presentation but also deliver content in visually appealing style.

When you don’t use parallax or featured images then it becomes quiet hard to get idea about contents. By images can speak thousand words and that’s why you are getting parallax background scrolling feature in this music theme.

Final Words :

Widgets : You need widgetized areas to promote extra contents and links on the website. Sidebar and footer are two ideal places to promote widgetized contents. Using widgets, you can promote email sign-up form, banners, recent posts and other stuff. This WordPress theme already has all best default and custom widgets. So you can improve content visibility and page-views of the site.

Ovation includes off-screen sidebar widget area which is visible on all pages. It is not visible in default mode, so user will see “Sidebar” button on the top left of navigation bar. This button will helps you to toggle onto sidebar to access sidebar widgets instantly.

Offscreen sidebar - Ovation AudioTheme

AudioTheme Integration : AudioTheme has developed unique plugin for bands and musicians to help them showcase gigs, music, tour dates, venue, videos and all important services. So if you want to get access to all features as shown in demo then you have to install AudioTheme plugin with Ovation theme. And soon you will get content management options for Gigs, Records, Videos etc.

The theme uses Cue plugin to display and manage Playlist, and CueBar plugin to add site-wide sticky music player. The documentation will show you everything about setup and what widgets are required to create a music portal like demo.

Ovation Records and Videos - AudioTheme Plugin

I would recommend this WordPress music theme to every music or entertainment professional who need single page style website. This type of homepage can instantly provide access to all key sections with highlight and then user can keep digging into full pages for more details. This design can not only improve browsing experience but also load pages faster.

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