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GalleryPress is a gallery focused WordPress theme for bloggers and artists wanting to share their message through imagery. ThemeCountry developers has used latest SEO feature and best coding style in development process. So, you are going to get a complete photo blogging package that includes easily options panel and plenty of modern features.

GalleryPress - Themecountry Gallery WordPress Theme

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Features Overview : GalleryPress Theme

Frontpage Setup : The homepage setup is nothing much different, you just have to assign “Frontpage Template” to any page. And then you will have all your blog posts visible on the homepage area in desired style. The homepage demo highlights all post entries in amazing grid with thumbnails. You can hover the mouse and view title and little post details. User can click title and open full post on the same screen instantly.

The layouts helps you to choose grid style or simple list style for homepage, and archive pages. You can show all post entries in list view mode with excerpt or also use full-width mode. Hence, we can assume that GalleryPress WordPress theme covers modern, and traditional bloggers with same package.

Frontpage and Pagination Options - GalleryPress

Ajax Post Loading : Just keep scrolling down on demo and you will see posts loading automatically as you touch the bottom part. This is because of “Infinite Scroll” pagination which is supported by ajax. Alternatively, you can also add “Load more” pagination button which loads posts on mouse click. Both of these pagination styles are powered by ajax so it won’t refresh the whole page while loading article entries.

Bloggers can also access Next/Previous or numbered pagination style, if they don’t want to go for modern blog design. But we always suggest ajax auto loading as it saves time and quickly loads featured posts. As a result, you will get many page views as user will keep scrolling until he finds interesting stuff.

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Theme Options and Benefits : ThemeCountry

Customizer : The GalleryPress is a blogging theme for novice and those people who don’t know coding. So, it is going to offer you best options board that needs no coding work at all. Just use the given options to select colors, background, font, header and page layouts. There are unlimited color options available for fonts, background, header and each area. You can use any font style, typography style and background for different sections.

Visual options panel takes minimum time and it shows the changes directly live in the preview box.

Header and Menu : The heder seems good when it is displayed with transparent background. You will get custom header layout to setup any background style, and choose desired colors for link hover, texts and other elements. The best thing about header is the floating style which keeps it top of the page. So, user is able to see logo and menu links all the while.

Header and Menu Style - GalleryPress Theme

The menu links will be hidden in default mode, so user have to use button to view the links. Click the menu button in demo, and you will see a slide-im menu that pops on the screen from right to left. Hence, user can view menu links any time and hide it when not required. When you add menu button then it works for mobile and all small devices.

Hidden menu bar will create free header space so user is always focused on the main body content. Many thanks to ThemeCountry WordPress themes developers for offering a best responsive layout so mobile users can also browse easily. The truly responsive design will show featured grid, photo gallery, menu and everything in best resized mode.

GalleryPress Blog and Other Features :

Single Post Options : Let people browse your stories with interesting platform that shows content in engaging style. The GalleryPress WordPress theme will highlight author box, related posts, and Post Navigation to display next/previous post entries. You can help user to add comments, browse related articles and know more about Author from biography box.

I just loved the way it shows “Full Width Featured Images” on the top of each blog post. This won’t just impress visitor but also create interest to read full post.

Gallery Blog Post Preview - GalleryPress

Social Sharing Features : No website is complete unless it is integrated with the social media options. This photo gallery blog template has social sharing options with that shows sharing bar on the left in floating style. If you want to get more social shares then you can also add sharing buttons on the top and bottom of the posts.

Footer Area : The footer includes 3 widget columns space which is wide enough to accommodate all details. You can add contacts, custom links, banners and other details in footer. The “Back To Top” button stays visible all the time on the bottom right area. This button scrolls user automatically to the top of the site. Just one click on “Back To Top” button and you will be on the top within one moment.

GalleryPress Themecountry Features

You can further optimize footer area by adding social profile bar to add more followers for social pages. Last but not least, you will find easy theme options panel that is supported by customizer. So, all types of expert and novice bloggers can manage to customize theme easily. You will see visual controls to change layouts, background and everything.

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