CSSIgniter EventIgniter : Event Plugin For WordPress

EventIgniter is a truly user friendly event management plugin for WordPress. It is developed by CSSIgniter team who knows how to develop best WordPress themes and plugins. It has been introduced with flexible event management features and detailed documentation guides. So every business individual and event management companies can easily develop online presence. It is suggestible for those event professionals who don’t want to spend lots of bucks to hire programmers.

EventIgniter CSSIgniter - WordPress Plugin for Event Management

Even if you buy event management software or WordPress themes then they would still cost you a lot. Instead, you can just install this simple plugin onto any WordPress theme and start your event listing site in little time. The theme provides event listing option, ticket link button, and recurring events support.

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EventIgniter : Content Listing Options

Venue Management : This is common entity which must be available for all events listing. That’s why, you have to create venue list before you start adding events. The back-end will show you venue and event listing options after installing EventIgniter plugin. The venue listing board provides special editor screen with custom fields. It will show you options to Venue name, Address, Postal code, and Locations.

This way, you can keep adding as many venues as required for all the events. And then you will see the venue list on events listing form, where you can assign particular location to each event.

Venue Options - EventIgniter

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Creating Events : Once you are finished setting venues then you can proceed to create add events. Just click “Add New” under Events options on back-end dashboard. And it will bring you onto the listing page which shows ready fields and everything required to add events. The Event Options section has Start date, Start tie, which is required and compulsory. Apart from that, you can also choose to use options elements like End time, Price, and more. The Venue drop-down list will show you all venues which has been added previously from venue management section.

It also provides a button section with button text and Link URL field. This is helpful to add and internal or external links for ticket or event registration. Clicking “Add Button” will instantly create listing and Clear button will clear all fields.

EventIgniter New Event - EventIgniter CSSIgniter

CSSIgniter EventIgniter Plugin : Other Options

Recurring Panel : This is also a part of Events listing section, which is optional but very useful. Many event organizer and companies need to organize same event at specific time. So in this case, they can create one listing and set it to recurring mode for specific interval. After that, EventIgniter will automatically make listing from the master entry.

The recurring frequency will help you to re-list event on weekly, yearly, monthly, weekdays or on other preferences. There are multiple types of recurring modes and each of them will show you different sets of sub options. So you will have greater flexibility to manage recurring events.

Once you are done with listings then you will see Event Dates section having all events. This section helps you to mark your event status as Sold Out or you can mark it as Cancelled for certain date (for recurring event).

Recurring Options and Event Status - EventIgniter Plugin

Shortcodes List : Adding events on homepage, single page, post or anywhere is easier with shortcodes. The plugin has bunch of event listing shortcodes which can display events by Category and ID. You can also display them in Ascending or Descending order. Furthermore, you can also display events from certain venues, or Disable some event features like titles, venue, address or other stuff into listings.

Browsing events shortcodes from documentation will give you more idea on how easily you can add them on homepage or any part of the website. Below screen-shot will give you little clue about shortcodes and actual preview.

Event Shortcodes and Listing Preview

Final Words : Conclusion

EventIgniter Widget : This is special widget which gives you opportunity to display events on sidebar and footer widget areas. Adding events on sidebar can give you more visibility for your events as they are visible every where on the site. This is good way to promote events within your business site. To be more specific, this plugin can be used with any business or general site where you can add special page for events listing.

And you can insert event widget on global sidebar so that client’s can take not of your future events, even if they don’t visit listing page. The widget has fields to add title, Category IDs, Event IDs, Exclude Event Ids, Locations, Date and more. So you just need to specify your preference on what to display, and plugin will manage the rest.

EventIgniter Widget

Customizing Events : The plugin helps you to customize EventIgniter Color Palette and typography with built-in customizer. The options panel helps you to choose to display default typography from plugin or you can use theme’s typography. The listing will show mini calendar next to event’s information, and you can edit color, text and border top color for calendar from options page. Same way, you can also change color of your events elements (divider, Bottom, Additional Info link color etc).

Event Customizer Optiotns - EventIgniter

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