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Dividend is a premium magazine WordPress theme powered by content first layout from MyThemeShop. It is released as a magazine template but it is capable to work as a news, blog and marketing website too. The theme has pre-defined demo layout which gives you ready homepage design for different types of website niche. If we goo deeper in features then it has special “Deals Listing” features which helps you to promote deals and offers on homepage.

Dividend - Magazine WordPress Theme MyThemeShop

The theme also has deals listing post type and special page to promote special product deals. The shop layout is powered by “WooCommerce Plugin” which let’s you turn simple blog into online store. You can also try out “Minimal” layout that shows contents in clean and bold style.

Dividend Theme Main Content Sections : Magazine Theme

3 Carousels : The homepage shows many sliders, featured sections, and categories in unique style. These all sections are enabled from homepage options from MyThemeShop panel. You have to manually enable each section and choose them to display desired contents from visual options page. The homepage consist of 3 carousel sliders for different purpose.


Carousel Slider - Dividend

If you check Dividend demo then first carousel appears below “top featured” area and it shows latest posts from some selected categories. The carousel shows arrows so that user can use those navigation buttons to move onto any direction. 2nd carousel shows “Latest Deals” which shows around 6 deals at a time and user can scroll on left or right to check out more deals posts. The “View All Deals” on top right corner takes user to deals listing page which shows all deals posts on page page.

The 3rd and last carousel is visible on the bottom of the page, just above the footer. This place is used to share list of logo images for brand partners, client’s or news portals logo where you had been featured.

Call To Action : If you are promoting some contents or special products then you can add it’s detail in call to action block. This box is found on bottom of the homepage which shows image, call to action text and button for navigation. If you are conduction some campaigns, competition or events then you can promote them in call to action area.


Call To Action - Dividend Homepage

Other Benefits : MyThemeShop Journal WordPress Theme

Featured Area : The top of the homepage shows 4 stories in featured box. This is replacement for slider which highlights 4 top stories like newspaper headlines. You can assign one category for this section and show those top trending story on the very top area of homepage. Please check Dividend demo preview to get better understanding of every feature.

Category Post Layouts : Apart from sliders and featured block, homepage contains one more element which is known as “Category Section”. You can add multiple category blocks on frontpage area to give your site a magazine type look. Each home block shows one category and recent posts from that category area. You will see 7 unique post listing layouts for each category and assign one that looks nice.


7 Post Layout for Home Categories - Dividend

This way, your magazine or news website will display latest articles from different categories in unique style. This layouts will entice users to check out stories from their favourite category. It shows thumbnails, bold heading, and full post URL for each article. The homepage also shows “Latest Posts” box which shows a few newly released article entries like blog. There are 4 paginations available so you can assign Ajax, numbered and other pagination so user can view more posts from blog, and archive pages.

Single Post Layout : Whether you start news or magazine or blog platform, your stories should look engaging. MyThemeShop WordPress theme offers single post options to enable Related Posts list below all stories. So, user can see related posts just below every post after reaching the bottom area. The bottom banner section can be used to display Advertisement, Newsletter signup-box or anything.


Single Post Layout - Dividend

If you check bottom of the post from demo then it also shows Author box and Comments box. Social sharing buttons are available on top, and bottom area which is another good way to spread contents across to social sites. These features are optional and should be activated manually by author.

Deals and Other Theme Features :

Deals Archive and Expiry : Dividend theme has deals archive page that helps magazine platforms to create a special page. As a result you can share all the unique deals from relevant niche area and earn some profit. For e.g. If you start fashion magazine website then you can surely promote fashion related product deals and earn good affiliate revenue. Deals will clearly display expiry date so user can figure out which deal is still available.

The deals page has 3 column layout that shows all deals with nice featured style, expiry date etc. You will see two buttons with featured listings : More Info, and Get this deal. The first button takes you to full post to read more details on deals and second button directly takes you to deals offer page (could be affiliate or product page link)


Deals Page - Dividend Theme

The theme also provides Ad management options, and Banner widgets. You can display banners into blog posts (below title, below post), and earn some good cash by promoting affiliate program. The theme is also good for adsense and other content marketers.

MyThemeShop Options Page : MyThemeShop has developed one options panel that comes with all their premium WordPress themes. You will find a visual options panel that shows settings for single post, homepage, colors, fonts, and advertisement. There are multiple tabs available on single options page and you can view many options under one tab.


Theme Options - Dividend MyThemeShop

If you are novice author or busy marketing person then you must switch to this WP theme. The easy options page will save your time that is required for customization. You can manage navigation, background, frontpage sections, slideshow and all stuff from one corner. This is the only magazine WordPress theme that acquires deals listing and eCommerce features.

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