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Directory Theme is a responsive WordPress directory theme powered by PremiumPress Themes. The coding part of this theme is based on HTML5 and it is compatible with all WordPress versions and browse types. Thanks to responsive design which makes easier to browse directory listings from handy instruments like mobiles, tablets and others. If you are planning to start a directory website which looks professional and earn good revenue then look no further and go for this premium directory template.

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Directory Theme Review PremiumPress Themes - Responsive Directory Theme

PremiumPress Directory Theme gives you several benefits like SEO friendly design, Light weight platform with great speed, Easy registration, Quick listing, Profile and Listings management options, Free and Paid listings, Membership options, Currency and Payment Gateway support etc. Even a common WordPress user can also start directory portal using WordPress in just a little time. The theme doesn’t need any coding experience or programming expertise, so you can install it and configure everything just by following given documentation and tutorials.

Example Category - PremiumPress Directory Demo

Features Review :

After you complete installation, you can turn on/off various features as per your need : e.g. Advanced search options, File upload/embed (Image, Music, Video), Listings packages, Google Maps, GEO location, Rating and review, Social media sharing, Members sections etc. The good part about this PremiumPress Directory theme can work on all type of screen types so your visitors can have a unique browsing experience with it’s dynamic structure. The clean background with best font style improves it’s visibility, which is another best part to stick your customer to your site for longer.

Wordpress Directory Theme Demo - PremiumPress Themes Review

Maps and GEO Location Support :

This is a highly unique features that is not provided with any other WordPress directory script. The Google maps support and GEO location feature are provided as built-in part with this theme and that too without any extra charge. That means, visitors can see location information and map preview of listing and they can also figure-out total distance from their current location to business location. You are already provided this feature as a part of directory package so you won’t have to buy any extra plugin which may not be reliable or affordable.

Google maps, GEO Location & distances - Directory Theme PremiumPress

Custom Search Options :

The PremiumPress Directory WordPress Theme allows admin user to create and use custom search fields so that visitors may have flexibility to find business listings. All directory platforms are made on single or multiple niches and that’s why it becomes necessary to provide custom set of search field so that visitors can quickly locate ideal business listings.

Custom Search Fields & Search by location - Directory Software

On the other hand, It also has “Search by location” feature so visitors can find listing based on given location or distance. In many cases, visitors are searching for local service providers or job offers that is available within reachable area and this is where this feature will be helpful.

Custom Listings Packages :

Now you can offer different types of listings packages to your customers so they can have more choices when it comes to create free or bulk listings. The built-in packages include free and paid listing packages so your visitors can easily choose to try any one of them. Every package will provide their own benefits like Homepage display, Top of Category, HTML listing contents etc.

Customizable Listing Packages - PremiumPress Directory Theme

Various Membership Packages :

PremiumPress Directory Theme provides this options so that directory website owners could define certain types of features or benefits with every package. This way, you can expect all business users to buy different packages as per their requirements. As a result, your clients could make custom listings, or create featured listing to highlight on homepage etc. The website owner will have full freedom to choose custom features to decide what to offer with particular package. This feature is provided to help succeed directory sites by providing particular type of membership or listing options that covers all type of customers.

Customizable Membership Packages - Directory WP Theme

Members Area Access

This premium directory software compulsorily ask every new customer to register an account to make listings or perform other activities. Once, user complete registration process he/she will get full access to members section where they can provide profile details (name, contact and more), photos. Not only that, they can also manage and watch all listings from this area or create new listings too. Whether they want to buy new membership or manage listings, this section will be helpful for all type of work.

Members Area and Management Tools - PremiumPress Themes

Payments and Orders Management :

The PremiumPress WordPress Directory Theme works with 20+ payment service providers which consist of PayPal and recurring PayPal payments. Having support available for multiple payment gateways you can catch more customers from around the country or world. The ready payment configuration options will only ask to fill few details and soon you can start collecting payments from customers.

Payment Gateways - Directory Script PremiumPress Back-end

The “Order Manager” is a great part of admin area which provides full details of all successful orders with details like Amount, Date/Time, Type of package sold and more. That means, directory owners can handle orders, payments and everything from PremiumPress admin options panel. No need to hire programmer or web-master to handle website.

Add Listing With All Details :

PremiumPress has revised trend and design of listing styles that was used with traditional directory portals. The old fashioned directory listings were just packed with bunch of texts and nothing else. But things has changed with the introduction of this advanced directory script which allows users to provide all details with built-in listing module. This module based listing process will ask you to fill Title, Details, Keywords, Category, Location and more. You can also attach files like Docs, Images, Music, Videos and others.

Add Listing - Directory Theme PremiumPress

That means you can display product demo by uploading video or Portfolio by adding images and so on. A member will be asked to login in order to create listing and new members will be just asked to provide preferred User name and Email. Rest of the registration will be performed by theme itself and all login details will be sent via email.

Example Listing - PremiumPress Directory WordPress Theme

Thanks to developers for using quick and user friendly registration process which may brings lots of new users, especially lazy one who hate long sign-up process.

Settings Options Panel -PremiumPress Themes

Conclusion :

This were some best features of PremiumPress Directory Theme and there are few more left which we will describe in the full list below. Please make sure to read full review article to get all details before you take any decision. If you have a normal budget and still want to create an online directory portal then you can go for this template. It just ask for one time payment and then it’s all yours, unlimited use and updates with dedicated support.

Directory Theme PremiumPress Themes

  • Homepage Design : Easy drag and drop sections (Recent Listings, Categories, Tags, Google Map, Blog Posts)
  • Claim This Listing : Let business owners to claim listings made by you
  • On/Off buttons to enable / disable particular features (back-end)
  • Currency settings : Define preferred currency
  • Invoice Settings : Provide details to automatically create invoices
  • Coupons section : Define coupon to get more customers
  • Free Benefits : Child themes, Updates,Support
  • PSD file access
  • Forum support : Community access to get or share knowledge
  • Fonts and Color options : No limit for styling
  • Custom registration form : With custom fields
  • Email management tools : For email marketing
  • Advanced search tools : Back-end (Add custom fields)
  • Create unlimited memberships or services : Earn good revenue
  • Multiple language support
  • Lots of Payment gateways Integrated
  • Analytics tools : Keep track on traffic, Create custom reports
  • Get access to Child Themes and Latest Plugins
  • Advertisement Banner Spots : Custom widgets

Price :
Only 1 Theme : 79$
All Themes : 249$

Demo & Details : PremiumPress Directory Theme

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