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Genesis Design Palette Pro Review : A premium WordPress plugin by Reaktiv Studios to easily customize Genesis Child Themes developed by StudioPress or 3rd party developers. If you already have Genesis Framework and child theme then you might know that it takes more time for styling customization. Moreover, it asks you to have CSS coding knowledge to change color, padding and look of your website.

Think, what could your situation when you don’t know anything about web coding, CSS coding or say you don’t have time to write code. Well, this is where Genesis Design Palette Pro WordPress plugin comes in the way to wipe out all troubles of customization hard-work.

Design Palette Pro Genesis Plugin Review

Benefits Of Genesis Palette Pro Plugin :

The plugin have a goal to make genesis customization easier than ever before so that a novice user could also buy genesis child theme without any tension. The plugin setup process is straight and easy just like you install any other plugin. Once you install Genesis Design Palette Pro plugin on your admin panel you will be customizing your site instantly.

The plugin eliminates requirement to perform manual coding but that doesn’t mean that it is only made for those people who don’t know coding. Those people who have coding knowledge should also install this easy genesis theme customization plugin to save valuable time which is taken during manual code writing process.

Currently this plugin supports some selected genesis Pro child themes and in future it will start working with more themes. Please check the list of themes below to figure out what themes it does support presently.

Design Palette Pro - StudioPress  Genesis themes support list

Genesis Design Palette Pro : Key Features

Till now we just talked why this genesis customization plugin is best for those people who are using genesis framework and child themes. But that’s not enough to convince you, therefore I am going to describe it’s main features with more details. Also you will find screen-shots of features to so that you can have better idea on what we are talking about.

Code-Free Customizations

Coding less easy customization is the main plus point of Genesis Design Palette Pro plugin. That means once you are done installing this plugin you can customize everything. This means you can edit navigation, sidebar, footer, content area, header/footer colors, padding margins, fonts, background images etc. And all these changes are made within few moments with ready to use options that includes sliders, color selector etc.

Preview Mobile Layouts

The Genesis Design Palette Pro provides you a preview box into options panel window so that you can preview changes live on the preview box. Once you are done changing styling and other stuffs you can click “Save” button to apply them finally to your genesis child theme. The preview box allows you to select mobile preview mode with preview options so that you can have an idea how your website would look on tablets, mobiles for the changes made for your website.

Design-Palette-Pro Admin options and preview window

Verdict : Genesis Design Palette Pro

We just saw good sides of this genesis theme customization plugin but that may be enough to convince you. So let me tell you that while making changes into styling most of the administrators are worried about design break or deadly breakdown. But that won’t be issue while you are working with styling through this plugin. Because Design Palette Pro of this plugin will create a separate CS file so keep code of new changes into different file. This way it won’t make code changes into original fields of your genesis child theme.

Design Palette Pro, is the only affordable solution with fastest simple process to customize your Genesis based website. Many thanks to Reaktiv Studios for coming up with a pain eliminator plugin. The plugin is suggestible to any person who is already running website with genesis child theme and framework.

Price :

Pricing Genesis Design Palette Pro

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