CSSIgniter Pinmaister : Pinterest-Like WordPress Blogging Theme

Introducing Pinmaister : latest WordPress blogging theme for authors who loves pinterest. This is 3rd pinterest-like WP theme for bloggers and creative writers. After getting huge success with Pinfinity and Pintores, CSSIgniter decided to add one more pinterest blog template to their collection. The theme is a complete package of clean coding style and responsive layout. So what you are getting is best platform that loads faster on all screen types.

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The theme is populated with many advanced features like custom widgets, widgetized homepage, Like button and more. So you can offer a new platform to your readers where they can easily browse and sharing contents with others.

Is It Worth Trying Pinmaister WordPress Theme ?

Every one would have different opinion, but personally I would suggest this theme to any blogger. The theme offers you a widget optimized layout so you can highlight plenty of posts anywhere. Whether it is homepage or sidebar, you will find custom widget blocks anywhere on the website. This theme offers widget blocks for homepage, footer and sidebar area. So you can always share new posts, instagram, photos, ad-banners and other stuff.

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If you go over homepage top area then it shows a full-width slideshow that covers header also. The header block shows menu-bar, logo image and links to submit new posts. Search box widget icon is also displayed on header so user can search for any type of topics. The navigation menu looks quiet attractive with bold color style. It looks awesome with red background and white typography.


Pinmaister is a visually stunning WordPress theme which offers grid type homepage sections. So you could add all latest blog posts from specific category. The pinterest is famous because of two features : Flexible grid and Ajax loading. This theme covers both of this features and much more. If you browse demo then it will show you best contents every where. Whether it is single post, or front page, you will find lots of contents and links anywhere.

While browsing sidebar and footer, we found some amazing custom widgets. E.g. Social links, Categories, Banners etc. These widgets are helpful when you want to create content focused blog. This is a best responsive blogging theme which can boost your SEO ranking and page views. The built-in options panel offers flexibility to mange everything.


So you won’t have to hire programmer or learn anything about programming. Just access back-end panel and documentation to learn or perform any customization work. This is why we suggest all content kinds to for this WordPress theme.

Pinmaister CSSIgniter : Key Features

Custom Homepage : Using drag and drop homepage layout you will enjoy freedom of showing desired contents. Everything you see on homepage demo is configured from widget area. Therefore, you don’t have to display only latest post like traditional blogs. CSSIgniter has built seven unique widgets so you can develop engaging homepage.


The widgets list includes : Slider, Post Type Items, Latest posts, Newsletter, Latest Posts, Instagram. The latest posts widget is used to highlight new articles from selected categories. So you could highlight new posts from all categories or just from selected categories.


User submitted content : The Pinmaister WordPress theme enables you to accept contents from visitors. Therefore, it offers a special submission page with custom fields. The form allows user to define Post title, Post Category and contents for article. Then administrator can see all submission requests and approve or reject them as needed.

The widget allows you to pick grid layout style and custom title. You can also add newsletter block, carousel slider and other contents on homepage. This is perfect blogging theme for any WordPress blogger.


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