CSSIgniter Benson Demo : Portfolio / Photography WordPress Theme

Benson is a WordPress photoshowcase and gallery theme from CSSIgniter. It is ideal for photographers, travel photo bloggers, video-graphers, designers and all creative professionals. If you want to display your photography skills and previous work samples then you must try this gallery template. The theme includes advanced photo display options including portfolio and gallery layout.

Benson Demo  CSSIgniter Portfolio Photography Theme

The hero page section improves the way you display all pages including frontpage. Hence, you get freedom to display video, image or a slider on the top of the page. The custom page templates list covers portfolio, blog, testimonials etc. Let’s check how you can start a photo presentation site for your business or personal blogging needs.

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Benson CSSIgniter : Homepage and Widgets

We have gone through demo and checked each feature to deliver a detailed review about all important elements. The drag and drop homepage gives you full customization support. So you can display latest projects, blog posts, calls to action and other stuff. The homepage is setup using content widgets that is included with CSSIgniter package. You can also use your favourite page builder plugin to create desired page layouts.

Hero Page Options - Benson

The homepage widgets helps you to display posts from selected post types or you can display selected posts from different post types also. Benson theme will show you list of all custom widgets list on widget management page. So first of all you have to create new page and select Front Page template in attributes list. Then it will automatically display “Hero Section” options below page editor.

Benson Widgets - CSSIgniter

This options board helps you to choose custom title and subtitle for hero section. The second tab provides you options to choose title alignment and Hide title with single click. There are color options available for hero section so yo can select Overlay, Text and Background style. The hero section can either display a static featured image, or a slideshow or a Video. Maxslider is used to create gallery slideshow for hero area.

Benson Post Type Widget

If you prefer to display video for hero section then you can host video from Vimeo or YouTube. Now when you are using content widgets then you will see different options with all widgets. So you can choose post type, number of posts, section title, background and other stuff. This is how you can easily customize each home section using custom widgets.

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Benson Features : Portfolio Theme

Multiple Portfolio Layouts : The Benson WordPress theme provides ample options to setup image and gallery showcase pages. The portfolio page offers custom layouts where you can choose grid styles, multiple columns and filter options. Once you assign Portfolio template to your page then you will see all these image layouts below editor screen.

Portfolio listing panel also includes options to choose main base category and columns for listing board. It has check box options to enable masonry effect and category filters that is mostly used for all modern portfolio sites.

Portfolio Image Layout - Benson

Adding Items : Whether you want to add new portfolio project or a testimonial, you will find custom post type for all needs. Once you add listing page then all projects, and testimonials will appear under relevant pages automatically.

Header Styles : 3 custom styles are available for header area which can switch logo and menu in different positions. You can choose logo on left (right menu), or Center (split menu), or Top with menu on bottom. The header styling panel provides custom text box to add phone, email or any HTML code. You can also highlight social icons on header area by just one click.

The options panel provides social network section to add all social profile links. Then it shows your links using custom icons on header and other widget areas as you like. Many photographer choose to highlight social links on footer and sidebar widget areas also. Thanks to expert developers for providing floating header and menu which is visible when user scrolls on the site.

Header Styles - Benson Gallery Theme

CSSIgniter Gallery Theme : More Details

Customizer : Starting a portfolio or photography site takes no more than a few minutes if yo go for Benson WordPress theme. Because this theme comes pre-loaded with necessary page templates, widgets and visual options. WordPress customizer is integrated with this theme to gives you access to all options with preview section. So you can keep editing colors, fonts, layouts, header and everything while watching changes instantly.

Novice users can forget coding requirement as CSSIgniter has already provided visual options for everything. Whether you check widget, single post or customizer, there are simple options everywhere. Hence, you can customize header layout for every page while choosing sidebar or full-width style. If you check blog, portfolio and other pages then it shows different background image and titles for header.

Customizer Options - Benson

Final Words : This responsive gallery theme works on mobiles and every devices you can think of. It never fails to serve on any screen types including different browser programs and handy devices. Thanks to responsive feature which maintains same speed an browsing experience for modern users. You must know that Benson supports mostly popular external gallery plugins also. So it your choice on what portfolio feature you want to go for.

Last but not least, blog page provides a bold and tightly content oriented layout. So photo bloggers can share their travel journal using imagery and text. The sidebar and footer (4 columns) widget areas are considered as best places to promote contents. You can add widgets on these sections to promote social updates, new blog posts, banners and other elements.

Responsive - Benson

I recommend this WordPress photo gallery template to all people who need search engine friendly website to display their snap-shots and designs.

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