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The Corporation WordPress theme is best solution for business and corporate websites. It is powered by Elegant Themes which brings lots of benefits like custom page templates, layout options, styling features and more. This theme should work for every small or big business firms who needs an online junction. The front-page area developed with flexibility in goal. So you could add slider, featured sections, widgets and other stuff.


TheCorporation theme also includes many widget sections like footer area, header, sidebar etc. So they would provide you space to promote latest blog posts, ad-banners, categories, social links and other things that comes to your mind. This theme coding is gone through advanced practice so you are going to get benefit of flexibility and better performance.

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The Corporation WordPress Theme – Elegant Themes

Options Panel : This developer offers ePanel, which is an options panel offered with all Elegant themes. So any user who don’t know coding will find it easier to manage everything. The options panel gives you general, styling and many other settings. The built-in options helps you to select right background style, layouts , navigation menu, blog and SEO settings.

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Homepage Slider : The front-page area offers dynamic content blocks to highlight best from your business desk. The first is slideshow area that is powered by custom slideshow options. The slider can be setup using 2 methods : either you can select custom pages or display posts from selected category. The slider highlights all posts in auto scrolling mode and it also shows thumbnails preview of each slide.


So user can have two manual navigation mode to jump over next or any slide. The navigation arrows helps you to see next or previous article at desired speed. Or you can click on any slider thumbnail to view is instantly on slider port.

Other Details :

Featured Blurbs : This is second featured section of Corporation homepage which is located below slider. This section offers you ability to highlight business details, product and main services. For this section, you have to create 3 custom templates and assign them to each featured tab. You will be asked to assign icon for each blurb section, just like thumbnail images. Moreover, you can display small preview of except and place “Read more” link button.


The bottom of homepage sections is powered by custom widget space. So you could show-off some business introduction and blog posts entries.

Header and Footer : The header area looks nice with custom logo and menu bar. Logo uploader makes better mode to display logo on the left of header. Menu bar is supported by custom menus feature. So you could easily drag and drop links to homepage, contact page, services and other main templates. The drop-down menu helps you to add more links under any single parent link. So you are not restricted to display only few links in navigation bar.


More Benefits :

Blog Page : This is journal section which can be setup from options panel. It is provided for those people who needs stand alone blog or additional blog section with business portal. The Corporation WordPress theme offers special option to designate category for blog template. So all posts from selected category are displayed in blog style under single blog template.


Once you setup blog section then it will automatically display latest blog posts on homepage tabs. If you plan to promote affiliate products or adsense ads then it has Advertisement widget of 125×125 size. Sidebar could be better place to show-off banners, latest blog posts, archive links, categories and other elements.

This is best business and WordPress blogging theme for any one. Whether you need personal site, freelancing site or journal, it is right for all.

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