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Captivating feminine blog WordPress theme by Restored 316. It requires genesis framework which gives a foundation and power for customization. If you are thinking to start a blog for recipe, fashion, lifestyle or recipes listing then is good solution. The theme uses several widgets that is powered by genesis developers. The homepage, header and all other widget sections provide flexibility to highlight desired contents.

Captivating Restored 316 - Premium Genesis WordPress Child Theme for bloggers

So bloggers can easily promote banners, calls to action, opt-in newsletter form, featured posts, and other stuff in widget areas. The versatile dynamic layout can makes it work for content marketers and professional bloggers. Thanks to built-in genesis theme options and live customizer that simplify setup process.

Refined Theme Review – Restored 316

Frontpage : Captivating Genesis Child Theme

Homepage Layout : The widget optimized homepage can be a best bet for any blogger who wants to create engaging website. You will find many widget blocks for homepage and they all are flexible and optional. So you can decide which sections should stay on homepage and what to display in there. If we look at main home sections then it covers 3 areas : Home Featured, Home Above Content, Home Below Content.

These are going to be the primary content widget areas for homepage. These sections are fully customizable and you can decide to display anything. The demo shows Featured posts, Shop Products, Featured categories and more. But that is just simple example on what can be done with genesis widgets. You can designate home sections to display featured post entries, featured page, single featured post, banner, calls to action, latest recipes and custom category blocks.

Homepage Widgets - Captivating Restored 316

The genesis package offers custom widgets to display featured posts and pages. If you install all suggested widgets then you can also share social icons, and insert newsletter sign-up box. The recent post (content section) section is optional and it shows latest blog post entries on homepage. So you can keep it enable or remove this section as per your choice.

Multiple H2 Tag Styles : This is totally new feature which covers new way to display multiple H2 tags on single page. Captivating WordPress theme provides alternate styles for H2 headings. That means, your H2 heading will look different than other H2 headings. So your blog posts will look stylish when it shows different styles for all headings assigned with H2.

Page Layouts : 3 page layouts has been integrated for home, single post, category and all pages. Administrator can define one base layout for entire site and then also choose custom layout for posts and pages.

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Page Templates and Header : Restored 316

Header Elements : Forget those traditional header layouts which used to provide a restricted design for navigation bar and logo image. Now you can enjoy using custom header which helps you to display logo in middle or left of the screen. At the same time, you have primary menu bar on the right of logo, top and/or bottom area. If you place logo in middle then it can make split menu with links on both side.

You can try and test all variations of logo and menu styles and finalize the best one. Besides that, there are options to display social navigation bar, search box, multiple menus and other elements on header.

Header Layout and Widget - Captivating Theme

Custom Blog Page Template : Apart from regular blog section, Captivating genesis theme also comes with custom blog template. This blog section provides custom page attributes so you can easily create unique blog page. If you prefer to use this new blog template then you will find a featured area just above the blog listing page. This is called “Above Blog Content widget” section which can be attached with any widget. Mostly, bloggers prefer this section to add slider, featured posts, calls to action or custom introduction.

Custom Blog Page Template - Captivating

Category Index Page Template : Another best page template that provides freedom to add multiple widget sections. Bloggers require such a page where they can highlight all hand-picked category sections. And that’s why, Restored 316 provides category index page where you can drag and drop featured category sections. You have to use “Genesis Featured posts” widget to configure this page template. The widget allows you yo display a few featured post entries, custom title and link to visit source page.

Category Index Page Widgets - Captivating

Genesis Blog Theme : Best Features

Customizer : Setting up a blog becomes easier when you get ready options for styling and all other tasks. Genesis child themes including Captivating includes customizer. So bloggers can easily choose color skins, typography, background, home widgets and everything easily. The visual panel shows all changes instantly in customizer preview box. This is how you will be changing logo, header layout, homepage and everything.

Widget Areas : I already told you about home widget areas, apart from that you can use footer and sidebar widget sections also. There are other widget sections which can improve your advertisement income, email subscribers and page-views also. The header right widget section is good to display custom menus on the right of logo or you can display banner also.

The “Sticky Announcement Bar” is also another best widget that stays visible on the top of site. This widget section is good place to share urgent message, special offer message, new product launch news or anything. The “Site Wide CTA” is a also a global widget that appears above content section on homepage, and same widget section appears below all pages for all other sections. This is another best place to display “Newsletter Signup Box”, Banner, Social media links and other stuff.

Widget Areas - Captivating Genesis Child Theme

The single post bottom section shows “After Entry” widget block which proves ideal to display advertisement, calls to action and other stuff below all articles. If we talk about footer then it has two sections : Full-width Instagram widget block, 3 Columns widget block.

I suggest Captivating theme for news publishing, blogs and magazine types websites.

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