Angie Makes Honeycrisp : MultiPurpose WordPress Feminine Theme

Meet Honeycrisp which is new versatile WordPress Theme from Angie Makes. It is a new addition to their feminine themes collection tht works for all chic bloggers and woman business individuals. If you have been planning to start your own blog to share knowledge of food, fashion, design or lifestyle then look no more. This feminine blog template can walk with you all the way for your blogging journey.

Honeycrisp WordPress Theme for Women bloggers - Angie Makes

As just mentioned that this multi-purpose WP theme is best solution for all women and girls who needs website. Whether you want to share articles, photo gallery, or business services, is fits to all purpose. Angie Makes had been working hard to provide single theme that meets all purpose. And here is the final results of their smart work.

The Gentry Review : Angie Makes

Why Honeycrisp WordPress Theme ?

This one theme can meet various websites need so you will save money required to buy different themes. The reason why it is known as multi-purpose theme is because it has many features under one package. You will see that it has custom portfolio features to display work samples and photo gallery. Apart from that, you will see blog features with multiple layouts.

Honeycrisp demo shows a sample of live store that is powered by WooCommerce plugin. Very few WordPress themes provide these many features in one bundle. Moreover, you are going to need only few minutes to start website as shown in demo. Either you can land over demo files and use them to create website instantly. Or you can use WordPress customizer to setup home, blog, shop and portfolio sections.

Carraway : Angie Makes Blogging Theme

Customizer Honeycrisp Angie Makes

The WordPress customizer is integrated part of this feminine WordPress theme. It gives you set of multiple options to manage fonts, background, navigation bar, header, sidebar and more. The styling side is covered by typography and color options. The customizer will show you live preview for any changes made from customizer. So you will have chance to revert back changes or save them if they look as expected.

This is an advanced business and blogging theme that required no coding work. While providing all modern features it works with popular plugins like Yoase SEO, JetPack, WooCommerce etc. So you never have to worry about plugins compatibility for all standard plugins.

Honeycrisp Homepage Overview : Angie Makes

Homepage Layout : The homepage gives you lots of options like sidebar support, full-width layout and flexible design. So you are getting all options where you just need to pick what do you really want on the homepage. Honeycrisp WordPress theme was made with a goal to be helpful for bloggers and small business women who needs online presence. So it is going to be great solution to start a blog with business portal.

Honeycrisp Demo Homepage - Business Theme

Just look over demo which shows a homepage wit slideshow, featured category sections, and details. The top slideshow section is setup with full-width style that occupies all sapce from both side. Therefore, all slides will get wide space to highlight your contents using big images. The slideshow accepts posts and pages which is best way to promote popular posts, news services or special offers.

The second block on homepage gives you 3 columns blurbs so display blog categories. Though you can connect any link in these featured sections. If you are running business then you can probably add links to service page, store page and price page. These sections are customizable so you can put in desired title, featured images and links to connect with source pages.

Shortcodes - Honeycrisp

Rest of the home section in demo shows details using text and links. Though you can add business introduction or personal biography also. If you want to display blog posts, gallery or other stuff then you can also do that. There are custom shortcodes available in theme which let’s yo add gallery, buttons, columns and other details on anywhere on website.

Other Best Features : Feminine Versatile Theme

Header Options : When you create header for business or blog platform then you should always keep one thing in mind. Visitors should be able to connect to any page section from header navigation. That’s the reason why Honeycrisp theme has custom navigation bar with floating menu style. Therefore, chic bloggers can insert best page template links on header and make visible everywhere by choosing floating mode.

Header and Navigation Menu - Honeycrisp

The top header bar has space to display custom links for social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. You don’t need much time to add social links, as you will get options to insert profile links. Once you are done adding links for header social bar then it will use custom icons to display social links. The logo and tag-line is placed in the middle of header so visitors can recognize you as brand.

Portfolio : With this feature, you will easily start adding work samples and photography collection for online showcase. You will get option to add custom portfolio page to display all projects on one page. If you love creative showcase board then you will be happy to work with masonry or grid layout options.

Portfolio Galleries - Honeycrisp Feminine Theme

These options will make your project easily accessible on portfolio template. The responsive layout makes portfolio, gallery, slider, menu and every part visible on smallest screen also.

Final Words :

Blog : This blog template has 3 layouts where you can use simple list view mode, full-width layout or multiple columns. So readers can easily browse best story from their favourite topics. The blog gives you opportunity to create custom categories for content management. There are many widget areas available on sidebar and footer.

Blog Layout Style - Honeycrisp

So readers can see best categories, latest posts, banners, social links and other stuff. The range of options are endless so it’s not possible to talk on all of them. Though we have already described all key features so you can make right decision. If these are the features you have been searching for then don’t think much and just give it a try.

Angie Makes – Honeycrisp Theme : Click for Demo & Price

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