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Andros Meet from CSSIgniter : A responsive hotel WoresPress theme developed for resorts and accommodation business. This theme brings a modern design that will show your hotel or resort in style. You will have a stylish platform that will show all your rooms/suites, videos, images and amenities nicely. Most of the traveler would love to make advanced hotel booking before starting journey. So you need to create hotel website that would display every thing nicely.

Andros CSSIgniter - Hotel Resort WordPress Theme

If you use big featured images, videos, and stylish typography then you can have better chance of winning more leads. This theme offers best platform where you can share videos, photos, blog posts, rooms details, contacts and everything nicely. So visitors will get all information in small time and make quick booking or send inquiry from contact form.

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Frontpage Features : Andros WoresPress Theme

Developing Unique Homepage : It’s not easy to create visually appealing homepage unless you hire expert web-designers. But, CSSIgniter provides you with a flexible homepage that never needs coding skill or expensive designers help. All you have to do is to assign “Frontpage Template” to new page and it will work as your homepage.

Andros Widgets

The page editor will show you “Hero section” options on the bottom of the page. So you can have big slider or featured section above the homepage. The homepage contents are displayed with special widgets that is found on back-end. If you want to create a totally different design then you are free to choose top page builder plugin that is supported by Andros theme.

If we expand our talk, then you will find custom content widget that shows latest posts from selected post types. So you can add those widgets under home widget area and make them display rooms, testimonials, and Instagram photos. The widgets have options to select post type, custom posts, total posts, title and other stuff. You can also add unique background image or color style as you like.

Andros Frontpage Widgets - CSSIgniter

Hero Section : The home top hero area is configured in multiple modes. So you will have page editor with options to display image slider or video. This is how you can welcome your visitors with a large slideshow or video showing your hotel rooms and near by sight photos. Media is all about interactivity, and if you use it smartly then you can get good success with hotel business website.

Header and Rooms Options : Hotel Theme

Header Menu Support : The top of the site is always used to share navigation links and brand logo. So you are going to find uploader to insert logo on the left side. Next to logo (right), you will have primary menu visible with custom links. This is the main page which shows links for rooms, blog, home, contact, booking and other top level pages. If you this menu space is not enough, then you can use drop-down menu list to display extra links.

The top header shows two text boxes for left which can show email, phone, contact or any text. Top right shows social links, search box and language selector. CSSIgniter provides WPML plugin support to create multi-lingual hotel site. So visitors can see your site in English and choose other languages from the header language bar.

Header Options - Andros CSSIgniter

Rooms Listing : Adding rooms is not much difficult as you will find custom rooms listing template and listing fields. The rooms listing options box will show options to select grid loading effects, base category, listing columns (2 or more) etc. Also, you can enable masonry effect, category filter and define total items per page. So all rooms and suites that you publish from custom post type will be visible on this page. You can either create one page to display all rooms or create multiple pages showing rooms from certain categories.

Rooms and Suites - Andros Hotel Theme

Single Room Options : Andros WordPress theme comes equipped with “Room Options” box with 4 tabs visible below post editor. This is where you can insert custom page title, extra sub-title and other contents. You can also choose custom sidebar that is left or right position or choose no sidebar to use full-width layout. The gallery tab will give you “Add Images” button so you can show all rooms images and amenities for particular room type.

Among all these images, you can use one of them to be used as featured/cover image. The “Offer” tab provides a check box which shows “Room Is On Offer” tag with rooms listing. So user can know that certain room is available on offer price, which can bring more bookings.

Single Rooms Page - Andros Resort Theme

Booking And Theme Options : CSSIgniter

Blog Page : Hotel or any other business needs a promotional or news sharing page which is called blog. This section will show all your news posts, travel information news and other stuff nicely. The blog provides classic and 2 columns layout with sidebar support. You can enable masonry grid effect, and choose posts options to display related posts, author details and more.

Blog can bring more leads especially through content marketing. You can share special offers, and do content marketing by sharing best holiday destinations that comes nearby your hotel. So visitors would come to your booking page when they find travel related posts from your blog section.

Blog - Andros CSSIgniter

CSSIgniter Options : The one visual options panel gives you easy access to control header, front-page widgets, background, typography and every detail. The CSSIgniter Andros is best hotel theme for novice users. It gives you full control without asking for coding skill. You will be controlling homepage and all sections using widgets and ready options.

Andros Theme Customizer Options

Final Words : You can add contact section using contact form plugin to get booking emails. If you want to use external booking services for hotel or resort business then CSSIgniter supports them all. Just use any booking service or custom booking management plugin as you like. It is flexible for all external services that you would like to use.

The sidebar and footer are flexible to show all widgets which is good for content promotion. So you can show contacts, google map, Instagram photos, social links, banners or anything. I recommend this responsive hotel template for all people who needs bookings for accommodation business.

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