Restored 316 Anchored : Feminine Genesis WordPress Blog Theme

Anchored is a feminine theme built for bloggers and entrepreneurs by Restored 316. The theme comes with several widget areas and support for WooCommerce and WP Recipe maker plugin. So, it will serve everyone who wants to share recipes, food blog ideas or sell goods from online store. If you are a female blogger or content marketer and need a website to promote products, ideas or business services then here is right choice.

Anchored Restored 316 - Genesis Child Blogging Theme

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Anchored WordPress Theme Widget Areas :

Homepage Widgets : Entire theme has widget areas available everywhere but we will just discuss on homepage for now. The homepage consist of 6 widget areas that covers entire homepage including top, middle and bottom part.

The first widget on the top area is “Home Featured” section where you can show carousel bar or featured section to display selected post entries. The next is 3 widget rows that covers entire width to display featured posts, featured pages, call to action, website introduction and more. These 3 widget sections will cover middle part of the homepage.

The other two widget sections occupy space on the top and bottom of blog section. Please note that, homepage blog section is enabled by default so you can keep it on or off as per your choice. If you want to promote recent posts entries on homepage from blog section then keep it on.

Anchored Homepage Widget Map

Announcement Bar : This widget block uses top website area to share custom text, links or any message. Most of the bloggers choose this widget block to promote offers, important announcements, contacts or important call to action message.

Floating Navigation : Anchored theme can display menus in 3 different locations that are above header, below header and footer area. The primary menu can be set as floating bar so that user can see all primary menu links while scrolling on the pages. The additional menus will give you more space to promote blog categories, pages and other links.

Footer menu is ideal place to show important links from header area so user can navigate to main pages from the bottom area. Just next to primary menu, you can insert social links menu to display icons linking to social profiles. The middle header space shows logo and tag-line having lots of free space around header section.

Anchored - Header Announcement Bar and Navigation Menu

Captivating Theme – Restored 316

Other Features : Genesis Feminine Blog Theme

Category Index : If you are a blogger then you must need a pace to show contents from selected topic. Blog can show all latest posts and category page can show posts from only single topic. That’s why, Restored 316 decided to develop custom page where authors can select multiple category sections. Anchored provides widget space for this Index page where you can show latest post entries, and category listing page link.

The entire page is managed from widget management section using “Genesis Featured Posts Widget”. You need to use custom page attributes to add Category Index page which are already given within page editor.

Category Index Page - Anchored Restored 316

Custom Blog Page Template : There are two blog templates available with this journal WordPress theme. You can go with the traditional blog template that shows latest post entries from top to bottom. But, if you go with “Custom Blog Template” then it provides extra widget space on the top of the recent posts content area. This is widget place to add featured categories links, banner, call to action or anything you want to promote on the top of the blog listing page.

Anchored Custom Blog Template - Anchored

3 Page layouts : Whether yo start a blog type website, service listing website, online shop or marketing portal, layouts are important for every niche. You will see that genesis settings page can set a default layout for entire site. Therefore, every page and post will use default layout to display sidebar or full-width style.

The page editor shows layout list all three options so bloggers can still choose different layout for any post or page. The layouts play important role to create full-width or sidebar supported pages. The widgets are mostly promoted on sidebar area so you need to keep sidebar enabled for website to promote widgets.

Anchored Responsive

Restored 316 Anchored WordPress Theme : Final Talk

Customizer : All bloggers are expert in writing skills but most of them don’t know anything about coding. So, bloggers always use flexible WordPress themes that offers custom theme options and widgetized layout. This WordPress theme has customizer that shows all controls at one place to setup color style, font, widget order, page layouts, header contents, and more.

So, girl bloggers don’t learn to need coding work to manage blog or business website. If you have creative brain then yo can turn homepage into blog style, magazine style, business style or combines all styles in one. Documentation explains setup process with step by step mode so novice users can easily setup website like demo.

Customizer - Anchored Restored 316

Single Post : We have talked about blog template only, but do you know that Anchored genesis child theme has engaging single post layout. Bloggers are able to share author detail, social media links, and comments section. There is an optional widget block available in bottom area known as “After Post Entry Widget”. This widget section can show banner, email-signup form or anything below all articles.

Anchored Single Post

Final Thought : If you go over footer then it covers full-width space to display Instagram widget section. The regular footer panel has 3 widget columns ready to promote contacts, author details, Ad banners or anything. If you utilize widget areas and built-in custom widgets with right plan then you can boost email subscribers, product sales and page-views easily.

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