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Adriana by Bluchic is a Feminine Shopify WordPress Theme that fits to all eCommerce websites need. This theme is released to start a multi-purpose online shop to sell digital, physical and all all types of goods. Women bloggers and business entrepreneurs can try it out to sell crafts, services, cloths, and other items.

The theme is integrated with top eCommerce platform which is known as “Shopify”. Hence, you just need this single eCommerce package to develop online store.

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Adriana Feminine Shopify Theme by Bluchic eCommerce Theme

Features Overview : Adriana Shopify Theme

The minimal and highly clean design makes your website capable to show all products in clear way. So that visitors never have to struggle to see your product sections, navigation menu and other elements. What we love about Bluchic themes is flexibility to create homepage layout and easy customization options. You really don’t require any technical coding work. Because everything part of the theme is attached with ready options where you can upload logo, change colors, font style and homepage elements.

Another very important part of Adriana is that it is a responsive feminine theme. So all visitors can easily browse your web shop from smart phone and other handy devices. You just have to launch your store with this theme and it will make adjustments with different types of screens. The navigation menu, product photo gallery, home sections, product sections, shop page and every part can be viewed from tablet and micro screen devices

Shop Page - Adriana Feminine Theme

Once you have setup Adriana with Shopify support then you get options to manage online shop and products. The shop page offers filter options, product listing grid and sidebar for widgets. Same way, you can use product listing option to add all your goods stock with photos, price, details and other stuff. The shop page has filter and sort options to help buyers easily find products.

These are some great features which provides lots of flexibility to website owners as well as shoppers.

Key Features : Bluchic Feminine eCommerce Theme

Homepage Sections : Adriana WordPress theme provides a completely engaging frontpage where user can see all useful elements. The top home section shows a content slider which shows any selected post/page or product from the website. The slider settings are provided on options panel so you can easily setup speed, content and everything.

You will see a list of custom links on the left of the slideshow. This block is helpful to show off links of all top shop categories. Hence, visitors can easily get access to their favorite category within seconds. What you see below the slider is called “Welcome Message” or “Intro Section”. It is good place to add best lines about your store or business goal.

The bottom homepage area provides two sections to display store items. The first is “Recent Products” section which shows latest items which has been listed recently. The next is collections block which has 3 featured blurbs. This section gives you custom widget support to help you add any pages from the website. Hence you can add links to top shop categories, shop page, blog page or any other links.

Adriana Bluchic - Home Sections

The home featured blurbs can be optimized using featured images, custom title to attract visitor’s attention. If you create this type of unique homepage then surely visitors would love to check out new items and top categories. Before we conclude talk on homepage, you must know that Adriana provides a Top Notification Bar. This text block is shown on the top of header area and it is visible on all areas.

It could prove helpful to share new offers, special discounts or news about latest stock arrival. The documentation explains everything on how you can setup each home element, header, and entire site.

More Benefits : Adriana Bluchic

The header and footer both works together to gives you an effective navigation panel. The header and footer both can be ideal places to add menu and custom links. Apart from that, you can add cart page link, login/signup URL (for members), search widget and custom menus for header. Same way, you can add Instagram widget section, Newsletter box, Social links and multiple widgets on footer area.

Adriana Header - Shopify Theme

The blog section is given as additional part for eCommerce shop. Hence, Shop owners can use blog page to create a news portal for online shop or create standalone blog also. The theme has it’s own widgets list, Ace (by Bluchic) options panel and also provides customizer support. So novice or expert users won’t find any trouble while setting up online shop, business site or personal blog.

Adriana Product Listing Sample

I just recommend this WordPress theme to all women entrepreneurs, and crafts sellers to sell their creative work or fashion items. Bluchic is the only dedicated feminine WordPress themes store in the market which offers best quality and dedicated product support. That’s why we put more emphasis of Bluchic templates, when it comes to pick right feminine template.

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